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Sporting Clubs

At Kingsley, we run a number of different clubs outside of school to encourage the children to develop further physically, socially and mentally. Team sports encourage the children to think ahead, work as a team and learn to play sports they may have never experienced before.




Completed consent forms must returned to the member of staff responsible for the club before your child attends.


Come and take a look at some of the skills we have been learning in our after school clubs!

Table Tennis – Tuesday mornings


Albie Y5: I really enjoy playing table tennis I have been coming for over a year now. I have been through to competitions as part of the table tennis team. Whilst being at the club I have improved my technique.


Oliver Y5: I have just started playing table tennis this school year. I really enjoy playing table tennis as I have only ever played with my dad on holiday. Now I am learning the skills properly and was even lucky enough to be part of the table tennis competition team!


Meredith Y4: I have joined the table tennis club this school year. I have learnt how to do tricks and how to serve. I am really enjoying it.


Alissia Y4: I have never played table tennis before joining the club. I am really enjoying learning how to play, my favourite thing to do is play ‘run around’.

The children have had an amazing time in Athletics Club. Even in the cold weather!
The children have really enjoyed playing cricket in the after school clubs!

I like Table Tennis because they make lots of different things every week for us to do. - Skye Y4



I really enjoy Table Tennis because it is a fun game for everybody to play and gives people a chance to experience it. - Emily Y6