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Welcome to Year 1 


Mrs Cooper and Miss Mellor

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If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

Our current topic is 'Toys Past and Present'

Scroll down to see some of our amazing work!


In computing we have continued our work on algorithms. We have enjoyed using coding apps on the iPads such as Daisy the Dinosaur and Scratch Jr to make our own games. 

Toys From the Past


The Year 1 team want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent in toys from the past, pictures, photographs or has been speaking to their child about their favourite childhood toys. The children have all been fascinated with learning about toys that their family members played with in the past. We even had a very special visit from 71 year old Ted the teddy bear! 


We have also been exploring a selection of toys from the past thanks to Hartlepool museum. We had lots of fun playing with the toys and trying to figure out their names and how they work. We compared these with the toys that we play with today. 


In our art lessons we have been learning shading techniques such as hatching, cross hatching and smudging. We practised shading from dark to light. We then used our new shading skills to create a drawing of a castle by looking at photographs. Have a look at some of our amazing artwork!


British Science Week 2022


The theme of Science Week this year is 'growth'. As our current topic in Science this term is plants, we have kicked off the week by doing some experiments to see what a plant needs to grow. We planted some cress seeds in different conditions (with/without water and light) and predicted which ones would grow best. Then we made out own 'cress heads'. We put them on the windowsill as that is where we thought they might grow the best. We can't wait to see how they turn out!

We also did an experiment to find out how water gets to the different parts of a plant. We put celery in pots of water with different food colouring in. We were surprised to see that after a few days the celery had changed colour! This meant that the water had travelled up the stem to the leaves.


Here is a link to a video showing you how to do the experiment if you would like to try at home. 



In ICT we have started to learn about coding. We had a go at making our own algorithms to make fish move on a game. Then we were able to fix a code that was broken. Some of us decided we want to be computer programmers when we grow up!


Our Spring term PE topics are dance and gymnastics. In gymnastics we have been working hard at practising different balances and putting them together to create a sequence. In dance we have been learning to travel around the hall in different ways in time to music and have worked in pairs and groups to create a simple dance routine. 


PE lessons take part every Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

World Book Day 2022


In Year 1 we had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day and taking part in book related activities. Some of us brought in our favourite stories from home to chare with the class. We made our own bookmarks and enjoyed doing a book 'scavenger hunt' where we had to search through books to find things. Well done to Alfie and Coleton who were the winners! Check out all of our fantastic costumes below.

Pancake Day!


This week we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and why pancakes are traditionally eaten on this day. Then we all helped to make a pancake batter and wrote our own instructions on how to make pancakes. Our favourite part was tasting the pancakes with lemon juice and sugar on. Yum!


In Geography this term we have been learning about our local area. First, we found Hartlepool on a map.  We took a tour of our local area on Google Maps and looked at different landmarks we could see such as the shops, school, the playground and the church. We also learnt about the different types of houses that people live in. We then went on a walk around our local area, using a checklist to see what features we could find.


We compared our local area to children living in different countries, such as Kenya. We watched a video about the day in the life of a girl from a Maasai village and it was interesting to see what was the same and what was different. We were surprised about all of the wild animals that lived nearby!


Here is some of our Geography work and pictures from our walk.

Cooking and Nutrition


In our Design and Technology lessons we have been learning about cooking and nutrition. We learnt about where fruit and vegetables come from after reading the story Handa's Surprise and looking at all of the delicious fruit that Handa gives to her friend.


We decided that we would like to make smoothies for our friends. We tasted some different smoothies first to see which ingredients we wanted to use. We made sure to wash our hands first and practised our chopping skills to prepare the fruit. Then we got to taste the smoothie that we had made - some of us were more keen than others!

Wonderful Writing

In literacy we have been doing lots of practise on writing sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. We try our best to apply new sounds and words from our phonics lessons into our writing. We have also been working on extending our sentences using the connectives and, because and so.


This half term we have been exploring non-fiction texts. We then had a go at writing our own non-chronological reports about how to take care of a dog. Have a look at some of our fantastic writing below!


Our current topic in Science is 'Light and Shadow'. We have been learning about what is a source of light and what is not. We had fun experimenting with torches and creating shadows using different objects in our classroom. We were surprised at which objects made a shadow and which didn't. We investigated what happened if we moved our torches closer to or further away from the objects. We read the story Moonbear's Shadow and then went outside and looked at what happened to our shadows when it became cloudy. 



During the Autumn term in Maths we have been working very hard, we have started working on the Year 1 Maths No Problem books and are really enjoying these. 


We have covered 5 chapters in depth over the Autumn term. Numbers to 10, Number bonds, Addition within 10, Subtraction within 10 and positions. We try to make sure we have a deep understanding of each of these chapters before moving on as each chapter builds on our previous learning. 


We have also started to develop our journaling skills, to show our deeper understanding of the key elements in our maths curriculum, this is something we will continue to develop across Year 1. 



In RE this term we have been learning about Christian beliefs and churches. We learnt lots of new vocabulary about the objects inside and outside of a church and we made some fantastic work. We have also learnt what Christians believe about God and why they celebrate Christmas. 


Our local Vicar showed us around one of the local churches. We had to have a virtual tour, but it was personalised for us and we really enjoyed it. During this time we filled in a checklist of what objects we could see in the church, you can find lots of our amazing work below.



Our focus this term in Art was collages. We linked this to our science topic of habitats. First of all we made a plan, and then in groups we made a collage of one of the four habitats we had been exploring. They look amazing and we have even displayed them in the classrooms.


During the Autumn 2 term we looked at animal habitats. We looked at four habitats; woodland, arctic, desert and under the sea. We explored what animals live in these types and habitats and why. Here is a selection of some of our wonderful work on habitats.


During the Autumn 1 term we looked at animals including humans. We first looked at the human body and labelled some of our body parts. We also looked and the five senses and explored each one. Then we looked at animals. We looked at different groups of animals and sorted them and we compared the features of one animal to another. Here is a selection of some of our wonderful work.

Curriculum Information

If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

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