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Year 1

Look at some our displays in Year 1.

Captain Tom! 

Learning about place value. 

Here is Freddie's RE work on Ganesh. He tries so hard and finds it very interesting. In Year 1 we like to ask lots of questions in RE so we can find out more information about the world around us. 

Miss Howe challenged us. She gave us the map of the United Kingdom cut up like a jigsaw. We had to put it back together, this was a little tricky! We then located our town Hartlepool on the map. 

We have been learning all about different numbers. How to write them, how to partition them, using a tens frame and counting up to that number. We are super!  

Seasons. We worked so hard to create a seasons collage. Here is Aaliyah's and Sadiya's.

Hi everyone, 

Please be aware that Spring Term home learning will be taking place via Google Classrooms. Your logins are inside your home learning packs and if you have any problems please contact school on the email address below or via telephone.


Extra tasks can be found in the recommended essential and non-essential tasks folders below. 

Freddie and his family have had a fabulous time creating their own YouTube channel and they have created a Bake Off Video.


It is awesome and we have attached it below to share with you all!

2021 lockdown family BakeOff!!

Reminder - Just a quick reminder that weekly phone calls home will no longer take place. If you would like us to call, please let us know via the year group email and we will ring as soon as we can. Usual contact via the class emails will continue. 


We came top of the rocks in the town tournament.

1st place with 137,229 points. Well done to everyone who took part! 

Scroll down for exciting home learning activities set by your teachers!
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Home Learning Grid (13.7.20 - 17.7.20)

Check out the activities that Miss Simpson and Miss Wilson have planed for you this week. 


Reading Comprehension

Read the text ‘taking care of a dog’ and answer the questions.


*Please note, there are three similar texts with questions on the PDF.  You are not required to complete all three. Choose your own level of difficulty.


Maths No Problem

Chapter 7- Addition and subtraction within 20.


Lesson 7- Complete- In Focus, Let’s Learn and workbook.

Lesson 8- Chapter consolidation. Click on go to workbook, book contents, and find Chapter 7- Review 7.


Other activities/journal

1. Complete the number bond family worksheet in the resources below.

2. Find the link in the resources for Hit the Button. Focus on number bonds to 20.

3. Play on NumBots or TTRS or 15 minutes a day.


Phonics Play


Username: march20
Password: home


Using the details above, sign into the website to play any game of your choice.



100 High Frequency Words


See how many of the 100 high frequency words that you can get right.  Practise those that you get wrong.



Log onto Purple mash. This week you can do 3 activities or games of your choice


If you are unsure of which games or activities you would like to do you will find 3 in your 2Do’s.



The Human Body

Recap to the beginning of the year.  Either draw around yourself or draw a picture of yourself and label it with all the body parts that you know.


Listen and follow along to the same dance lessons that we do in school.


This week they are about the summer holidays.

*Find the links in the resources section.


You could send some videos or photos to show your skills.


We have learnt about sketching and shading in Year 1.


Find the resource ‘Drawing exercises’ and practise your skills.


Remember it is not about making it perfect, it is about experimenting and having fun.


Lockdown Memories

Draw or write your memories of being in lockdown.  You may want to keep this to remind you about this time, in a few years time.


  •  Remember to keep reading.  Take a photograph of yourself reading in an unusual (funny) place.  Send your photograph to your teacher to upload onto the website.


Ava completed several of the home learning tasks this week. Here is her completed Maths work - well done Ava!
Isaac is continuing to work hard.  Miss Wilson is very proud of you Isaac - well done!
Jake has enjoyed his home learning this week.  He was delighted when he saw that one of his tasks was to undertake a science experiment.  Fantastic Jake!
Oliver, you have a great attitude towards your learning.  You have completed a lot of activities this week as you can see in the pictures.  Great work Oliver!
Maymuna has been continuing to work very hard at home over the last few weeks. She has completed work in every subject and also completes extra tasks and draws lovely drawings for Miss Simpson. She completed a science investigation and made some very colourful crystals, they look amazing! She also made some super vegetables and made capes for each one of them. She has also kept up with her daily reading log and has read a varied selection of books over the last month. Great work Maymuna!
Willow has been coming into school on some days and is still  continuing with her home learning. What a superstar! Willow completed some questions about the rainbow fish story, and fixed some broken sentences about the rainbow fish, she has competed her science work, her map of the UK and gave a wonderful reflection of her time in Year 1 for PSHE. You can also see some pictures of the rest of her learning below.
Tommy has been very busy at home over the last few weeks. He is continuing with his work and has been enjoying baking and crafts. He made a delicious ham and cheese tart with his brother. He also made a colourful painting using bubbles. He really enjoyed his work on SuperTato and has been working on PSHE, maths and handwriting. Well done Tommy!
Ava has worked hard with her home learning this week, completing a literacy and computing task.  Great work Ava!
Miss Wilson is very impressed with Oliver's creativity.  Take a look at his super veggies - they're fabulous! Well done Oliver, I can tell you have enjoyed your home learning this week.
Jake enjoyed completing the 'Supertato' tasks this week.  He has also completed some of the other activities on the grid too.  Well done Jake!
Tommy has been working hard at home this week. He has completed all of his work from the grid. He has even made his own 'Obb and Bob' boxes to help to with his phonics work. Well done Tommy!
James worked hard on his last week of home schooling. He completed his maths no problem work and focused on his reading skills by completing a reading task about looking after a dog.
Willow has worked very hard at home this week and has even completed extra maths work to make sure she remembers what we have learnt. She has completed her Literacy work, Topic, Science, Maths and PSHE, here are some photos of her work this week. Well done Willow!
Maymuna has been working hard at home during last week and this week. She sends Miss Simpson photos of her plants and her amazing drawings, and also has time to fit in lots of work, including; PSHE, Maths, Literacy and Phonics. Great work Maymuna!
Our first day back to school in Year 1.

We started the day by colouring in and drawing pictures which was fun.  We also had a catch up with our friends on our table.

Miss Wilson read the story "Supertato".  We already knew this story so she was very impressed that we could remember what happened.  After listening to the story, we were each given a potato.  You'll never guess what we did with it!

If you guessed that we made "Supertato", you are correct!  Here we are with our very own "Supertato". We had a lot of fun making these.

We washed our hands and had snack.

After we finished our snack, we played some football outside.  Once we got bored of that, we played on the climbing frame and also the tyres.

It was soon time for lunch - yum yum!

After lunch, we practised our handwriting by writing our name neatly in our name books.

At the end of the day, we listened to music.  Some of us sang along and had a little dance too!

Jessica has been doing lots of science work on weather at home. She has even made her own weather diary for a full week. She has been working hard on Top Marks and maths no problem practise place value and has labelling the keys on a computer keyboard!
James has made his own Obb and Bob boxes at home. He created his own set off words and then sorted them into the right box. He has also been practising the names of the keys on a keyboard. Great work James!
Tommy has been focusing on number in maths this week. He has made his own snake number line. He has been reading a book about dinosaurs in a museum and has thought of lots of words with the 'ar' sound in phonics.
Oliver has been extremely busy with his home learning this week.  Take a look at what he has been up to. Well done Oliver!
Jake has enjoyed his home learning this week.  He has learnt about what makes him special and how people are different. He has also completed some of the tasks on the grid. Well done Jake!
Isaac has worked hard with the Maths and Literacy tasks today.  Well done Isaac!
Lucy has worked incredibly hard with her home learning last week.  Take a look at all her learning.  Miss Wilson is very impressed.  Well done Lucy!
Isaac has enjoyed his home learning this week and has worked very hard.  He has practised his days of the week, completed the Science activity and learnt some Maths in his own workbook. Well done Isaac!
Oliver has been working very hard with his home learning.  He has completed a lot of tasks from the grid, including the Literacy challenge.  Well done Oliver!
Jake has also been working hard with his home learning this week and has completed a lot of the tasks on the grid.  Very impressed.  Well done Jake!
Georgina has been very busy at home over the last few weeks. Recently, she has completed some science work on seasons, she matched pictures to the right season and made a seasons wheel. She completed some Top Trumps cards for ICT, and lots of Maths No Problem work and Literacy too. Great work Georgina!
Maymuna has completed her literacy work on Greedy the rat this week. Miss Simpson was very impressed with her compound sentences and how she has improved the sick sentences. Great work Maymuna!
Willow has completed lots of work this week. She sent Miss Simpson some photos of her practising her rolling in PE, it was great! She has also completed her Topic work on Coastal Features, her ICT questions, a lovely poster about her time in Year 1 and maths work too.
Ava has enjoyed learning about coastal features this week and has also completed the second Literacy task.  Fab Ava, well done you!
Jake has enjoyed learning about the weather and has even recorded himself being a weather presenter.  Miss Wilson was very impressed.  Well done Jake!


Still image for this video
Tommy has been cooking at home this week. He made some delicious pancakes and has completed a sun safety poster in PSHE, some measuring work in Maths, seasons work in Science and Top Trump cards for ICT.
Lucy has been extremely busy with her home learning last week.  She has completed a reading challenge, some work about the seasons and also learnt how to tell the time.  Fab work Lucy - well done!
Ava has worked hard and completed her Maths and Literacy tasks from the grid this week.  Well done Ava!
Zack enjoyed learning about 'coastal features' this week and has drawn a picture to demonstrate his learning.  Fab - well done Zack!
Oliver has created a poster to inform Reception what to expect in Year 1.  He has also completed both the literacy and computing tasks.  Great work Oliver!
Zack has worked hard with his topic work.  He watched a video and answered questions about the coastline.  Fab Zack!

Oliver has enjoyed the literacy task about the detective this week as well as measuring his foot.  Well done Oliver!

Oliver has had an extremely busy week with his home learning this week. Can you tell what he's been doing?
Zack has enjoyed learning about the seasons.  Well done Zack!

Zack enjoyed the maths task today. He compared the size of objects with his hand and then measured them.  Fab work Zack!

Jake has enjoyed his home learning this week and has been incredibly busy! He's completed a lot of the tasks on the grid and also learnt about caves.  Fab work Jake!
Isaac has worked hard with his Maths this week and has also practised his spellings.  Well done Isaac!
Maymuna has continued to work hard over the half term and this week, Miss Simpson can't keep her with her! She has been spending lots of time focusing on her SPAG and is getting very good at understanding word classes. She has made her own reading log and picture collage of all the books she has read in May, and even celebrated Eid, how fantastic!
Jessica has been using Oxford Owl at home and has read the book The Scarf this week. Next she is going to read The Ice Rink. She has been practising her key words and spellings every day and is enjoying playing on Top Marks and Phonics Play. After all this amazing work she still had time to made a lovely cake!
James has completed his science and PSHE work this week. You have made some lovely drawings James.
Oliver has had a busy week this week.  He has created a sun safety poster, his top trump card for the computing task and also enjoyed gymnastics.  Great work Oliver!
Brooke has worked hard with her home learning this week.  Here are photographs of her completed Science (seasons work).  Well done Brooke!
Ava has worked today with her home learning.  Here you can see her completed Science (seasons wheel) and PSHE (poster about sun safety) task.  Well done Ava!
Cora has practised her drawing skills as part of her home learning.  Can you guess what she has drawn?  Well done Cora!
Willow completed all of her Maths and PSHE work on Monday and made a start on her science. Her stay safe in the sun poster is excellent!
Well done on receiving your Head Teacher's Award Jessica! You have worked so hard and we are so proud of you!
Lucy has been working extremely hard with her home learning.  She has completed tasks for Literacy, Maths and Science.  Miss Wilson is very impressed! Well done Lucy.
Tommy has taken a positive attitude to working at home and has completed lots of work, including a whole booklet on time, some phonics a-e words, PSHE writing about himself, dressing up as a Viking, and making this amazing robot! You can read about his robot in his writing.
Maymuna has completed her science work for this week, drawing a picture of her robot. She said that she would like to be the designer and her friends the 'makers'. It is a very special weekend for Maymuna this weekend as she will be celebrating Eid Mubarak.
Jessica has been doing a wide variety of activities at home this week. She has focused on phonics, matching sentences to pictures. She has also been doing some more dictated sentences, ICT and reading books on Oxford Owl. She even had time to paint some rocks with a little rainbow on.
Isaac has thoroughly enjoyed making his robot.  He made his out of cardboard boxes and tin foil.  Very creative Isaac!
Zack had great fun making his robot. As you can see, he has used a variety of different materials. Great robot Zack!
Morgan has worked hard today with his writing.  He has written about his favourite things to do.  Miss Wilson was very impressed.  Well done Morgan. Keep it up!
Willow has completed all of her home learning from the grid this week. Her handwriting is improving a lot and Miss Simpson has been really pleased to see it become smaller. Willow's drawing of her robot is very colourful and detailed. Great work this week Willow.
Jackson has worked very hard this week, completing a range of different activities.  He enjoyed the robot activities and called his robot 'Scooty the Robot'. Jackson has also completed his all about me picture and played on Phonics Play.  Well done Jackson!
As you can see Oliver has been busy focusing on his handwriting this week.  Well done Oliver!
Theo has also completed some of the activities on the learning grid.  He has also had fun playing on Purple Mash.  Great work Theo!
Jake has had a very busy week this week.  He has completed a lot of the activities on the learning grid, as well as playing basketball with his older brother.  Well done Jake! 
James has been practising shapes and patterns using Maths No Problem this week. He has also completed he topic work by writing out his directions to school. He made a lovely drawing of his friend Lacey for PSHE.
Maymuna has shocked Miss Simpson by completing this homophone work independently! She has been working very hard on her writing and is improving each day.
Jackson has been busy this week.  He has practised his number formation and wrote his full name.  Jackson has also had fun during PE, where he practised under arm and overarm throwing skills.  Great work Jackson, well done!
Ethan is very proud of his award and sticker from Mrs Darby this week. He continues to work hard at work. He has done an investigation in science, and wrote about his findings afterwards. He has also made this very tall robot for his literacy work.
Theo has tried very hard with his home learning over the past few weeks. His attitude towards his work impressed Miss Wilson. Well done Theo, keep it up!
Ritchie has been working very hard at home over the school closure period. He has focused on phonics, practising his letter formation and initial sounds. He has also worked very hard on his Maths. Great work Ritchie!

Tommy continues to make his parents and Miss Simpson proud with his attitude to learning at home. He has completed this fantastic poster all about bugs! He has also completed a multiplication and division booklet and some writing on Professor Plum. Well done Tommy!

Ava enjoyed the Science task last week and created a coat for her own teddy bear.  Miss Wilson was very impressed. Keep it up Ava!
Brooke enjoyed the Professor Plum work last week.  She told me that she would make a potion of rainbows to make people happy in sad times.  Lovely idea Brooke!
Oliver has been practising his handwriting. He is focusing on making his hand writing smaller so that it fits in the lines. Great work Oliver!
James has been busy again this week. He has practised his spellings, completed a science investigation, finished his Maths No Problem work, and even had time for a dip in the hot tub!
Faith, Hannah and Paige have been busy painting shells that they collected on Saturday. They look so bright and colourful, well done girls!
Esme has had a very exciting week this week, she lost a tooth and had some very important questions for the tooth fairy. She has completed lots of maths work, a tricky word word search and has been reading as well as practising her spellings!
Maymuna has started her literacy work on Professor Plum. Miss Simpson was very pleased with her answers as she showed a very deep understanding of the text, great work Maymuna!
Jake has learnt how to tell the time this week, as well as completing the literacy task about Professor Plum.  He has also had fun playing a story game.  Well done Jake!
Isaac has been busy practising his handwriting this week.  He has also completed the challenge of testing materials to see whether they are bendy or not.  Well done Isaac!
Oliver also enjoyed science this week.  He completed the challenge of investigating materials to see whether they are waterproof or not. Well done Oliver!
Jack has enjoyed science this week, where he carried out his own experiment.  Wow Jack, well done!
Lucy has been working extremely hard this week, undertaking lots of different learning activities.  Miss Wilson was very impressed with her story and her homemade nest.  She has also used her computing skills and made a poster about a lost pet. Great work Lucy – keep it up!
Willow has completed the journal for her maths work using her parents laptop this week, you can see her own pattern at the bottom. Willow also wanted to create her answers to her literacy questions using a word document, like her older brother Logan has been doing. Her Mam asked her the questions and then typed up Willow's answers for her, what a great idea!
Jackson has had fun this week. He has played on purple mash and learnt about different fruit. He enjoyed talking about the different types of fruit, their colours, texture and whether the skin was edible. Great learning Jackson - well done!
Sam has been working very hard with his maths learning this week.  He told Miss Wilson that he had completed 30 pages of the Maths No Problem worksheets that was printed out for him.  Miss Wilson was so impressed. Keep up the hard work Sam. Well done!
Jessica has made Miss Simpson very proud this morning after completing some dictated sentences. She has also done a science investigation to find out what materials are waterproof or not. After she found her answer she then made her teddy bear a rain coat using this material. How colourful! 
Zack has been busy today with his science work.  He has experimented with materials to see whether they are waterproof or not.  The picture shows Zack's coat for Fred the Ted.  I'm sure he'll love it Zack, well done!
Ava has been working hard this week undertaking the challenges on the grid.  You can see her here with paper shapes, separating and putting them back together.  Well done Ava!
Zack created his own Spitfire plane and flew it around his garden on VE day.  Miss Wilson is very impressed.  Fantastic work Zack, very creative. Well done!
Oliver has been learning about VE and completed some pieces of work about it.  He has also created his own bunting.  Great work Oliver, well done!

Hannah has sent in even more work that she has completed over the school closure period. She has been doing her times tables, place value and practising her handwriting. As you can see she has worked very hard and really took her time with the handwriting.

Willow has made a flying start to her home learning this week, completing PE, Maths and topic all in one morning! Willow has described how she manages to keep control of ball when dribbling. She also made a detailed map about her journey to school.
Oliver has made a great start to his learning this week, he has completed some Maths work on shapes. Excellent work Oliver!
Ava and her brother Nathan have been very busy building a greenhouse this weekend for the plants they have been growing. What a fabulous structure!
Hannah has been working her way through her home learning pack. She has now went onto practise her spellings, getting 10/10, which she was very proud of and completing other work from this weeks grid. Excellent conjunctions and adjectives in your birthday scene writing Hannah.
Ethan has been completing lots of work at home this week. He has completed some science, PSHE, maths and literacy. He has also been doing some very exciting experiments. He made a volcano and made it erupt. Miss Simpson didn't believe him so she was very shocked to see these photographs. How exciting!
Tommy has been very busy again this week. He has practised writing 'ay', 'ai' and 'a-e' words in phonics. He has also focused on science this week, investigating and experimenting. He has wrote about his findings from his bendy and not bendy investigation and  experimented with a lego boat, trying to make it float with a balloon and a straw.
Oliver has taken a break from his learning to enjoy some time in the garden.
Oliver has been busy this week.  He has completed some of the challenges on the grid, played on Numbots, helped to paint the fence and made a snail garden. Fab work Oliver!
Jake has worked very hard completing the challenges on the grid this week, as well as learning about VE day.  Great work, keep it up!
Jack is working very hard at home with his home learning. He is working on his handwriting and trying to sit his letters on the line.  He is also trying hard to make the letters smaller too.  Well done Jack - Miss Wilson is very impressed!
Oliver has enjoyed learning about seasons and the weather as part of his science home learning this week. Well done Oliver.
Maymuna has focused on literacy today. She asked 5 questions about Hartlepool. She then researched the answers to her questions and wrote some sentences about what she found out. Great work Maymuna! 
Ava has tried hard with her sentence work this week.  She answered questions about herself and her local area as well as drawing a fab picture. Great effort Ava!
Jackson has enjoyed his home learning this week. He went for a long walk to see the ducks and played some educational games on the laptop.  Jackson has also learnt a lot about planets and can recall lots of facts about them.  Very good Jackson!
Willow has put a lot of effort into her Maths No Problem home learning this week. She has completed both lessons and the workbook for these lessons too! She has been exploring objects around her house in science, to find out which objects are bendy or not bendy. Willow has also made a certificate for her friend Connie, this was her task for PSHE as we are focusing on friendship.
Tommy has been working very hard at home this week. He has been doing some excellent number ordering all the way to 100! After all the hard work he played with his den builder and made a windmill out of this.
Isaac has worked hard this week.  He has made a start on his time capsule booklet and practised his spellings.  Isaac was also given a task from the football club that he attends which was to create his cartoon dream team. Fab work Isaac!
Lucy has tried hard with her home learning this week.  She has made her own ‘girl robot’ using materials that she had at home (very impressive). Lucy has also completed the challenges on the grid, alongside some of her own tasks. Great work Lucy, keep it up!
Theo has also been busy this week.  He has completed the challenges on the learning grid. Theo found a ladybird and took it for a ride on his bike. His Mum told Miss Wilson that he can now ride his bike without stabilisers – what a great achievement! Well done Theo!
Jack has worked extremely hard this week with his home learning tasks. He has completed some maths activities, played on NumBots, wrote words to identify what makes a good friend, practised his handwriting and also learnt how to do a wordsearch. Wow Jack – you have been busy!
Tommy has been working very hard at home this week. He has been doing some excellent number ordering all the way to 100! After all the hard work he played with his den builder and made a windmill out of this.
Jake has worked hard this week undertaking the activities on the grid.  He planted potatoes in the garden with his Dad (very exciting), completed the literacy task and also the topic.  Well done Jake, you've worked very hard this week!
Jackson has worked very hard with his home learning. You can see him here practising his phonics. Great job Jackson, well done!
Ava has completed two tasks from the grid so far this week.  She chose her favourite photograph on her iPad and wrote about it.  She has also completed the Literacy tasks.  Fab work Ava, well done!
James has been working extra hard this week. He has been practising spelling some of the high frequency words. He has been very busy with his maths work, practising his 5 times tables and sharing. He has also taken up a new hobby on his daily exercise and has been bird watching. Keep an eye on this page to see what birds he finds!
Sam and his sister have been working hard at home and even wrote some stories together!
Miss Wilson was very proud of Macie's attitude to her home learning last week.  Here she is with her gold sticker and certificate.  Her Mum said that she's over the moon. Well done Macie, you are working very hard.
Isaac has drawn his friend from football and labelled it with adjectives.  He sounds like a great friend Isaac, well done!
Maymuna has been using her knowledge or sharing and grouping to complete some division facts.
This week Willow from Year 1 has been doing a science investigation. She used coloured tissue paper and water to give herself some rainbow hair! 
Theo has worked hard this week undertaking his home learning tasks.  To help him with his Maths task (sharing owls), he used his toy cars which Miss Wilson thought was a fantastic idea.  He also practised spelling the days of the week and wrote a sentence.  As well as this, he drew and labelled a picture of his best friend and his house.  Fab work Theo, keep it up!
Oliver has been busy too. He has written a story about his favourite toy (his T-Rex), learnt how to tell the time in his garden and undertook the maths challenge from the grid. As well as this, Oliver has been helping his Mum at home.  Well done Oliver!
It’s lovely to see how Jake has described his best friend Zack – great use of adjectives!  Jake has also practised spelling the days of the week and challenged himself by including them in sentences. Great work Jake!
Lucy has written about her Easter break and about a program that she watched. She has also played Maths games with her Mum, as you can see in the pictures. Keep up the good work Lucy, well done!
Isaac has been practising his spellings of the days of the week and has used money to help him with his sharing task. It looks like you’ve had fun doing this Isaac, well done!
Zack drew his best friend Jake and labelled it with adjectives to describe him. Great work Zack – I love your adjectives!
Ava undertook the challenge of writing an acrostic poem.  She chose to write two – one about a butterfly and another about an iPad.  As well as this, she wrote a postcard to Miss Wilson to let her know what she has been up to.  Super news Ava!
Oliver has also been very busy.  He completed some of tasks from the grid, as well as some of his own workbooks. In the garden, he worked with his brothers and planted different seeds. Great team work Oliver!
Jayden has been very busy over the past few weeks, as you can see.  He planted sunflowers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and some flowers and also helped to lay the grass. As well as this, he made a lava lamp and experimented with different oils to create different reactions. Impressive Jayden!
Oliver has worked extremely hard with his home learning.  It is a pleasure to see how much effort he puts into his work and the progress he is making. Keep this up Oliver, well done!
Ava and her brother Nathan have had a lot of fun with their home learning.  They are beginning to grow their own plants. Miss Wilson was surprised to learn that the soil came from a tablet and water.  She can't wait to see what happens next. Great job you two!
Jack has had a lot of fun over the Easter break.  He made his very own Elmer using materials that he had at home and found a ladybird.  Very exciting!  He told me that he has been learning about ladybirds and used their spots to help him with his counting skills. Good job Jack!
Jake has been practising multiplication.  He used post it notes to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and then answered them in their written form. Great work Jake!
Brooke has been busy practising division.  She used her princesses and pens to help her do this.  She has also written a fact file about a giraffe.  Well done Brooke!
Oliver has been very busy over the past week.  He has been exploring the outdoor environment. He made a bee and insect house as well as a little bird house bath for his garden. Inside he made his own memory bear and continued with his home learning tasks. Fantastic work Oliver!
This week Jayden has been learning about volcanoes.  He even made his own - very impressive. Well done Jayden!
Theo has been very busy this week completing his home learning tasks. Keep up the good work Theo. Well done!
Oliver has worked extremely hard over the past two weeks, completing his home learning tasks. As you can see he has completed work for a range of different subjects.  He commented that he enjoys working at home and has learnt a lot of new things. Well done Oliver!
Jack has also worked very hard at home with his home learning tasks. He has found objects around his house beginning with P and created a list. He has also completed some of the tasks in this week's grid. Keep up the good work Jack, well done!
Year 1...
The children in year 1 were practising their throwing and catching skills.
Year 1 have been practising front and back rolls in their gymnastic lessons. They all tried their best to complete these rolls.