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Year 2


We came top of the rocks in the town tournament.

1st place with 137,229 points. Well done to everyone who took part! 

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In DT, we have been studying how to make a lever and pulley mechanism and linked it to our Great Fire of London topic. Check out our amazing designs!

Take at look at how our amazing projects turned out!

We had a visit from some super skippers this week in Year 2! We learnt some new skills to practise in class and we are looking forward to being our best and seeing what we can achieve. Here we are practising together.

To show our appreciation for the amazing achievments of Captain Tom Moore, we took part in some related tasks in class. As a team, we collected 100 different objects and brought them back to class. We worked on placing them in groups in different ways to celebrate Captain Tom's 100 years. Take at look at us in action.

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed their Science week in school. As a class, we interviewed a signal systems engineer who worked for National Rail. We loved asking the engineer some questions and we even got our questions answered live by the expert.

Here are some comments from our Year 2 pupils:  


"I loved how we challenged ourselves to make our project, a strong structure. It was really fun and everyone tried really hard. I can't wait to try something like this again really soon!" Paige, Y2.  


"I enjoyed sharing ideas with other engineers in the class and it made my project improve." Oliver, Y2.  


"It was fun to test out our structures and see if they would hold a toy model." Jack, Y2.  


"I enjoyed working as part of a team and listening to each other to improve our ideas." Macie, Y2.

We were excited to welcome everybody back into our Y2 class this week and enjoyed catching up with our friends. We reconnected with each other by sharing some of our experiences during lockdown. We each took it in turn and realised that even though we weren't together, lots of our lockdown experiences were very similar and really positive.

We have loved completing Mr Simpson's weekly Kingsley challenges. Take a look at us in action today practising our ball skills.

In Year 2, as part of our ‘Land Ahoy!’ topic, we have been finding out more about the discoveries of Captain James Cook. On his first voyage, we learnt that he visited Australia and found some curious, new animals along the way. We researched different human and physical features of Australia, finding out about lots of different landmarks and compared them to our landmarks here in Hartlepool. Take a look at the amazing aboriginal artwork that Y2 have created. Can you spot the interesting duck-billed platypus and kangaroo?

Do you know where the Trincomalee visited on its many voyages? Look no further, the Year 2s will help you out. Check out their super map skills below.

In Year 2, the children discovered lots of interesting facts about a famous landmark in Hartlepool - the Trincomalee. Take a look at some of the amazing letters our children produced to persuade somebody to visit this amazing landmark.

Sebastian's video

Still image for this video
Rose has been learning about The Great Fire of London and completed the game on her iPad. She also wrote some excellent facts! Keep up the good work Rose.
Logan completed some brilliant art work with his sister. He used a range of different skills such as painting, gluing and cutting.The pictures show you the different steps needed to build the model. Well done Logan!
Zach has been keeping extremely active and making sure flattened Mr Henderson stays fit. Zach emailed taller Mr Henderson with the activities and pictures of their adventures together all by himself. Well done Zach, great computing skills!
Oliver has enjoyed charging up to the top of Roseberry Topping this week along with trying to build some circuits in Science. Flattened Mr Henderson was extremely impressed - well done Oliver!
Isabella has been learning how to count in hundredths today with the help of flattened Mr Henderson. She has also identified different unit fractions correctly. Great job Isabella!
Amelia has created a brilliant recreation of the Great Fire of London on her computer today - well done Amelia.
Amelia has collected sea glass from the beach to create this beautiful mosaic masterpiece. Flattened Mr Henderson enjoyed this adventure and creative activity - well done Amelia.
Isabella has been challenging herself to learn some new French vocabulary at home. How cool is that! Isabella also enjoyed playing her new Maths game, ‘Race to Infinity’. 

George enjoyed making a rainbow using 6 jars and some paint called Brusho. You can use food colouring too! Here are some instructions on how do this yourself at home:


"You need to put 3 jars with coloured water and an empty jars in between. Then put kitchen paper folded and placed into the water jars and create a chain type effect. The coloured water will begin to move up the paper over a day or two.Eventually  it will mix together in the empty jars creating a rainbow.

It was great fun!"

Blake enjoyed speaking to Mr Henderson on the phone and Blake decided he wanted to build a fort with him so he found different materials around the garden and he built one with mum. Here is a picture of Blake in his fort. He had great fun running around and hiding in his fort, having a battle with his mam and of course, Mr Henderson was on Blake’s side so mum was defeated! Blake also took Mr Henderson for a dive in the hot tub. Hope you can swim Mr Henderson. 

Hot tub time!

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Lily-May has been extremely busy enjoying her adventures with Mr Henderson. Take a look at all the interesting things they have been up to together.
Flattened Mr Henderson has been chilling with Amelia and keeping an eye on her whilst she has been completing her homework. She has enjoyed her learning with Mr Henderson so far and is about to build a fort in the garden for them to relax in.

Spencer has enjoyed completing his computing activity this week sending an email to Mr Henderson. This is what he wrote and sent all by himself:


"Hi Mr Henderson its Spencer writing this for you on mam's phone I loved our adventure it was fun and we seen loads of tadpoles so we are going to go up next week to see if they are frogs. 

From Spencer


Still image for this video
Isabella read one of Mr Henderson’s favourite books to him. What a funny story Isabella!
Spencer loved his surprise in the post so he decided to take himself and flattened Mr Henderson to Summerhill for the day. Spencer made brownies and cookies to give to his neighbours who are key workers so that was Spencer‘s act of random kindness.
‘Adventures with Mr Henderson’ are underway!
Mr Henderson was missing his class very much so he decided to be flattened and posted to his class. He is looking forward to enjoying lots of adventures and making lots of new memories together. Stay tuned to see what Mr Henderson and his class get up to next.
Blake has created some maths questions for his grandparents this week! He wrote the questions, found out the answers for himself and then gave them to his nanny and grandad to see if they could do them! He marked his nanny down as she didn't show her working out he said! Great work Blake - keep it up! He has also done some work on Big Ben and wrote a little bit about it and made a picture using pictures from when he went to London to help him.
Amelia has created a special message for her class mates in Mr Henderson’s class. We all miss each other very much but we will see each other again in the near future. 
Sebastian used paint to create the New York skyline. I really like your use of colour- Great work Sebastian!
Alyissiya has done some fantastic research about Florence Nightingale. Miss Spowart is very proud of her handwriting and spelling. Well done Alyissiya!
Rose really enjoyed learning about the life of Florence Nightingale. She wrote down some of the new facts she had learnt- well done Rose!
Amelia has researched this week's special person and found out lots about why she is such an inspirational person. Take a look at what she found out. Amelia has been learning about fractions and showed off her understanding by drawing diagrams. Well done Amelia!
Bobby watched the short video this morning, “Once in a lifetime” and he has written the ending to the story using his chosen verbs and adverbs. He has tried extremely hard and created a brilliant description of what happened next. Doesn't air dodgeball sound really fun? Great job Bobby!
Isabella has been investigating the density of different liquids in this latest experiment. Take a look at what she found out.
Oliver has been busy learning about tricky fractions this morning but has said he is feeling more confident now. Keep up the hard work Oliver - you are "smashing it"!
Amelia has been getting creative and completed this tricky painting activity today. She told Mr Henderson that she printed a picture off the computer she liked and then carefully used her painting skills to bring it alive. Great effort Amelia, well done!
Alexis has been showing off her maths skills at home and decided to act out a maths lesson in school. She has completed lots of activities already. This looks like such a fun idea Alexis! Well done - keep up the hard work.
Isabella has been learning about time and words associated with time. She has practised drawing on the short hour hands and longer minute hands on clocks to show different times. Well done Isabella.

Ellie-Mae has worked hard to create her superhero story and investigate what plants need to grow. She made some predictions and researched further to find out more. Take a look at what she knows.

Kiera has written a brilliant short story describing the adventures of her superhero. Mr Henderson was very impressed with her lovely description and different sentence starters. Well done Kiera.
Bobby has written a short story using his character he designed. His character used his powers effectively to save the day! Well done Bobby.
Here is another short story completed by Spencer.
Ellie planted some seeds and sent a picture to Miss Spowart. Miss Spowart then challenged her to write some instructions. Ellie's instructions were clear and very easy to follow. Well done Ellie!
Isabella has been busy with her Maths learning about her times tables, different shapes and halves and doubles to name just a few! Well done Isabella. 

Zach has impressed Mr Henderson by surprising him with an email he had written himself this week! Well done Zach this is an incredible achievement.


To: Year 2 <>

Subject: Email from Zach


To Mr Henderson


Here are some photos of what I have been doing...


I have been doing some science experiments:


I had some test tubes with blue red and yellow food colouring.  and then i mixed these to make different colours.

made slime with corn flower.  added some green colour to it.  it was a liquid but  went hard when I touched it.

I made a bouncy ball.


I have been painting and doing some times tables rockstars.


I have been on walk and collected stones.


Last but not least I have learned to send emails!


From Zach

Here are just a few things Blake has enjoyed doing.


Blake has created his own timetable to show what activities he has been completing. He has recently just learned to ride his bike and is now a real daredevil after 4 weeks of practise. Here he is riding to Seaton. Blake has also enjoyed doing a 3d puzzle of the world. He thoroughly enjoyed because he found out lots about all the countries by talking about them. Here is a little diary entry from Blake that he has written himself. 

Alyissiya enjoyed designing her own superhero as part of our Literacy home learning task. Miss Spowart is very impressed with her use of adjectives and beautiful handwriting! Well done! 
Alexis has been working hard at home and even wrote some stories together with one of her brothers!
Sebastian has been working hard at home on his poetry skills. He was challenged to write his own poem about something he was interested in and chose to write about his dog. Well done Sebastian.
Here is Isabella’s first instalment of her healthy Living project. She has researched healthy alternatives to more sugary, unhealthy snacks and has decided to make some delicious fruity parcels. Take at look at what she created. She has also been enjoying healthy breakfasts consisting of fruit and cereal! Delicious. Keep it up Isabella - we look forward to seeing what mouth-watering ideas you have in store for us next!
Hirusha has worked hard to develop his spellings, Maths and art skills over the past week. He also enjoyed researching different places to find out interesting landmarks and facts about them. Well done Hirusha, very impressive work. 
Amelia has used this week's website suggestions and completed 2 levels of the geography game. Well done Amelia you have worked extremely hard to find out new things.
Isabella has created a life cycle of a sunflower. Take a look at her diagram.
Blaine investigated different types of minibeasts this week and told Mr Henderson that his favourite critter was the centipede. He researched some interesting facts, produced this awesome fact file and even made some comparisons to other creatures. Well done Blaine you have smashed another challenge!
So here's what Oliver's been up to over the last couple of days. He explored his local area collecting items for their bug house such as grass, twigs, stones, and wood. He then filled the bug house with his brother & discussed which minibeasts they thought would to live there such as spiders, ladybirds & caterpillars. Oliver then found out some interesting facts about plastic and tested his knowledge. Finally, Oliver enjoyed some Karate in the garden. Well done on collecting over 1800 coins on TT Rockstars too Oliver - very impressive!
Isabella has challenged herself to practise some missing box problems today in Maths, research the oceans and continents and complete a lovely acrostic spring poem. Well done Isabella! 

Kiera has completed her Geography homework this week revising the oceans and continents and has even been researching interesting facts about some of these different places. Well done Kiera - super work!





























































Kiera has created a brilliant illustration of the life cycle of a sunflower. Well done Kiera.
Oliver has been super busy. Take a look at some of the brilliant challenges he has completed! He has practised his spellings, maths and even created some word searches about healthy foods.

Isabella is going to be cooking, serving and eating a range of different healthy foods. Her aim is to learn about vitamins and minerals whilst using the eat well plate as her guide. Isabella is going to try new healthier foods and is exercising every day to keep her mental and physical health at its peak.


Why not follow Isabella on her journey! She is going to send pictures of her hard work, this way you can see the progress she is making. Hopefully, you will be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

Amelia has been busy creating balances in gymnastics, writing lovely poetry and baking cakes however I'm not sure how much cake mixture made it into the oven!
Isabella set herself the goal of getting fitter and being able to ride her bike without stabilisers. She has smashed her personal target and now look at her in this video. Super control Isabella - you have put in so much effort to improve. Well done!

Some awesome bike riding!

Still image for this video
Finn has been helping dad, monitor, count, keep a tally, quality check and monitor alarms on the mobile so he knew when a print was finished. All of the 3D printed ear savers they made are being sent to the NHS. He has helped his dad produce over 500 so far with more to follow. This is a brilliant show of kindness from Finn and his family. It is qualities like this that make us so proud of our children here at Kingsley. Keep up the good work Finn.
Shaun has been working hard completing some home learning. Here are just an example of the tasks he has been completing. Well done Shaun - keep it up!
Isabella has been working hard on lots of different SPaG activities at home. Here are just a few examples of what she has been learning about today.
Blaine made some delicious pizzas at home this week. How tasty do they look? Mr Henderson wanted to make the pizzas too so he asked Blaine to help him by writing some instructions. Blaine created a fantastic recipe for Mr Henderson to try for himself. A massive thank you to Blaine - hopefully lots more people can enjoy your pizzas at home!

Blaine challenged Mr Henderson

Still image for this video

And Mr Henderson replied!

Still image for this video
Sebastian has been working hard on his writing at home. He went on a nature trail and wrote about what he saw. Miss Spowart was very impressed with his use of commas! Also, Sebastian has been practising his piano skills on his Labo.

Finn has been reading daily and he has even created his own reading log book with all the books he has ever read in. 


He has been watching Sir Patrick Stewart do a sonnet daily and even got a like on Facebook from him for his comment! Well done Finn - keep up the hard work and having fun.


Finn has started designing a suit of robot armour he can wear. We can’t wait to see your next creation Finn!

Year 2...
Today, we met Lulia Motoc from the University of Kent. We streamed a live interview in class and found out about her amazing work in robotics. We had chance to listen to other interesting questions from other schools as well as being able to get some of our own questions answered. Did you know that she built a robot to help people pick up things and she is currently working on developing biometric scanners? How cool!
Year 2 took part in the annual Snappy Music Festival at the Borough Hall today and showed off all their hard work practising lots of new songs. They all tried really hard, had lots of fun and even got some all of the teachers up dancing along. What a fun morning it was!
The Year 2 children really enjoyed their trip to the Captain Cook Museum. On the morning, they enjoyed a tour of the museum and learnt lots of interesting facts. On the afternoon they all had a go at dot painting, sketching, quill writing and using a VR headset. 
In Science, we explored our minibeast garden and found out about the specific needs different organisms have. With our partner, we decided which minibeast we would build a microhabitat for. We had to think carefully to make sure it would have suitable shelter, food and drink. We then discussed which minibeasts would be and would not be suited to our microhabitat and explained our ideas with the class. Take at look at what we found and at our amazing microhabitats. How amazing!
As part of our science topic, the children enjoyed exploring our mini-beast garden at school. We found lots of different creatures and created a tally chart back in class. Can you spot the different mini-beasts we found?
In Literacy, we have been learning about non-fiction texts. With a partner, we were given a fact file about tigers but it needed to be ordered correctly. Once we had organised the text, we labelled the different features such as title, caption and picture. This will help us when we write our own tiger fact-file :-)
We love reading in Year 2! Here are some pictures of us enjoying reading with our friends and using the classroom book area.
In Year 2, we have been working on ball skills and improving our control using different techniques. We evaluated what we had done and gave advice to our partners. Take a look at how much control we can now show!
If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.