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Year 3

Hi everyone, 

Please be aware that Spring Term home learning will be taking place via Google Classrooms. Your logins are inside your home learning packs and if you have any problems please contact school on the email address below or via telephone.


Extra tasks can be found in the recommended essential and non-essential tasks folders below. 

George and his family have had a fabulous time creating their own YouTube channel and they have created a Bake Off Video.


It is awesome and we have attached it below to share with you all!

2021 lockdown family BakeOff!!

Reminder - Just a quick reminder that weekly phone calls home will no longer take place. If you would like us to call, please let us know via the year group email and we will ring as soon as we can. Usual contact via the class emails will continue. 

Message from Mrs Ord:


Just to let you all know that on Wednesday 27th May Miss Santos had a beautiful baby boy named Finn.


We came top of the rocks in the town tournament.

1st place with 137,229 points. Well done to everyone who took part! 

Click on the image below to enlarge the picture
Isla has been working so hard while at home and has received a Head Teacher's award through the post. Well done Isla!
Isla and Issac made this using materials they collected from the park.  It’s fantastic! 
A fantastic shadow puppet and an impressive pie from Tristen.  It looks like you had lots of fun. Well done!
Josh has been working hard on his spellings and literacy tasks. He's done a great job and he's trying really hard to join his handwriting too.
Ava has been on an adventure and has been learning to climb trees this week. 

On VE Day Leo and his brother made a trench out of Play Dough. It looks fabulous and they even included some toy soldiers too.

Well done Harry and Lewis on receiving your Head Teacher's awards! You have worked so hard and we are very proud of you. Keep up the amazing work boys!
Natalie has been working on a 3D puzzle. It's taken her most of the day but she has finally finished it. Well done, Natalie!
Harry has achieved his chief scout bronze award for his achievements over the last two years in beavers.  He has camped for two nights away last year and achieved a number of different badges.  He has now moved up to cubs and is completing his badges and tasks online.  He attends online meetings via zoom every Tuesday evening.  Last night he learnt how heat rises by doing a science experiment.  They then played bingo.  He has made some kindness rocks to go in the garden of a local care home.
Poppie has had lots of fun and been busy during half term
Joshua found out lots of interesting information about the Stone Age. He presented his findings in lots of different ways to keep his reader engaged. I especially like his lift the flap idea! Well done Joshua!
Amelia has had lots of fun during the holidays. Look at what she's been up to...
Josh has been reflecting on what happiness, finding out about light and shadows and completing grammar tasks this week. I'm not sure I agree that I'm sleepy though 😴
Zachary turned 8 yesterday and had a fabulous day. His mam made him the perfect Lego cake and he's been very lucky and received lots of lovely gifts. 
Dean has been having lots of fun reading books to his Granda while we have been off school. His favourite was from the series Knight in Training - A Very Bothersome Bear as it was funny at the end. Well done Dean, that’s a lot of books you’ve read!
Lewis has been working hard on lots of Maths no problem worksheets, some Geography mapping work and getting out and about exercising on his bike and scooter!
I thought I'd show you these 3 cheeky visitors that keep coming into my garden. I've told some of you about them over the phone so I thought you'd like to meet them. They're very cute and keep coming for snacks. Stay safe🌈 Mrs Ord
Rhys has learnt to ride his bike this last week. He even enjoys going out in the rain ☔
Joshua has received a Head Teacher's award from Mrs Darby 🏆. He still continues to work hard. Look at his science work! Well done!
Bryson has been working VERY hard at home and has received a Head Teacher's award. We're all very proud of you. Well done! 
Faith, Hannah and Paige have been busy 🐝🐝🐝 decorating shells they have collected. They look very beautiful!
Ava has rescued an injured bird and is looking after it until it gets better. It looks like she is doing a fab job and it looks like she has a new BFF 🥰

Tyler has been working super hard on Literacy and Maths activities – he has been looking at past tense verbs, homophones and his spellings. Keep up the great work Tyler!

This week Harry has been working on his Literacy and Maths booklets. He has also been helping his class gain points on Times Tables Rockstars. Well done Harry!
 Over the quarantine Katie's family cat had kittens. 🐱 Introducing Sky, Rubble and Chase.... Katie is holding Chase.
 Here are a few pictures of a few things Josh has done this week- a fact file, VE day work and an experiment making a Lego boat float using a balloon.
Tyler has been having lots of fun painting VE Day flags in the sun!
This week Poppie has been working on her Covid-19 time capsule. She has also coloured in some flags for our VE Day celebrations. Here are her favourites.

A few weeks ago Poppie planted some strawberry plants with her daddy which have started coming through.
She’s completed work sheets and been on TTR everyday.
Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. X
Like lots of you, Amelia has been going out on bike rides and enjoying the hot tub. 
Lenny has a new friend helping him to stay safe at home 🌈. Everyone, meet Ryan the hedgehog! 
Grace has spent much of the morning on time table rockstars in the hope we get as many points as possible, followed by some flag making for VE DAY celebrations on Friday and has been stitching and sticking fabric to make a unicorn
Tyler has been working hard on reading and spelling common exception words, he has completed the full list so is now moving up to the next level. Well done Tyler!
Lewis has continued helping out around the house whilst baking a cake in honour of the NHS. One of our Year 3 maths tasks was to see how many ways we could make specific amounts. Lewis is working hard using the coins to make up those totals. Well done!
Isla has been working hard on her Maths and Geography tasks. She has also completed a Covid-19 time capsule booklet. Well done Isla!
Kacie-Jo has created a picture of what she can see out of her window using the different sketching techniques to colour it in! Well done!
Josh has been making some fabulous decorations for his house and has been writing a book review. It sounds as though he has enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others looking for a good book. 
Charlie has been so very busy during his time at home. His puppet show looked fantastic. He's been teaching his little brother Oliver a thing or too as well! He's missing everyone at school and can't wait to see you all again. 
Jessica was over the moon to receive her headteachers award and gold sticker for all her hard work! Well done Jessica!
Sam has been working hard on the tasks set for year 3. He has completed coding tasks and received a certificate and has been looking at different coins and working out how to make different amounts with them. Well done Sam, keep up the hard work!
Jessica really enjoyed doing the Geography activity set for Year 3 in which she had to name the compass points and find out where different cities were in relation to each other.
Harry enjoyed doing today's daily challenge of making a boat! It looks great Harry, well done!
Lewis has been very helpful at home, helping to make the garden nice and tidy. He also created a card for Captain Tom and managed to find lots of words in the year 3 spelling task!

Tristen has been having fun coming up with his own project ideas, he drew his own superhero, wrote some facts about him and even dressed up like him! Well done Tristen!


Bryson has created a ‘Covid Killer’ Superhero. He has labelled him with the special powers and features he has. Great ideas Bryson!

Bryson has been working hard on this weeks Maths task of looking at different coins and working out how to make different totals.  Well done Bryson!

Leo has been working super hard on his Maths and Literacy work. He has had lots of fun baking and going on bike rides with his brothers too! Well done Leo those cakes look delicious!
Harry has been working hard completing some Maths tasks and has also been working on other skills like riding his bike and tying his shoe laces. It looks as though you're working hard. Well done, Harry! 

Harry riding his bike

Still image for this video
Corey has been busy during lockdown and doing lots of interesting research on volcanoes. He's been doing lots of work and is still smiling despite having a broken arm!  Well done, Corey!
Harry trying his best with his reading before he does his maths.
Natalie and Victoria are very excited, as they have finally got their new bunk bed and have been using it to build dens in their room. They have been working hard doing school work. They are also proud to announce that they have recently become aunties too! How amazing girls!
Grace has been creating an acrostic poem using her name and referring to her experiences on lockdown.
Kai wanted to share his work with you all. He has been working hard on his Maths and has been enjoying reading Horrid Henry books. Keep working hard, Kai! 
Poppie celebrated her 8th birthday last week and had a great day. She enjoyed a song from Mrs Ord, a special tea party and she even helped to make her own birthday cake! It looks delicious Poppie, you did a fab job!
Bo has been working hard on times tables rock stars! Well done Bo!

Hi everyone. I am missing you all. Here are a few photos of our pamper nights and walks.


Amelia x

Tristen has been on a scavenger hunt and made a picture out of the items he found. He has planted a sunflower seed and is going to record how much it grows each day. We can’t wait to see how tall it gets!
Jessica has been working really hard on Maths and Literacy tasks. She came up with some great alliteration phrases! Well done Jessica!

Zac and his brother Archie helped their dad to make a planter. They then painted it and planted their own plants making sure to water them on a night. Well done boys!


Lewis has been working super hard on lots of activities. Baking, worksheets, keeping fit and helping out around the house. Your cakes look delicious Lewis! Well done!

Josh and Tommy have been making music using glasses filled with different amounts of water.

Their dad said their music was heavenly!

Grace has been working hard at home and has made a beautiful birthday card for Captain Tom Moore.
Isla has created a beautiful card for Captain Tom for his 100th Birthday. Well done Isla, I’m sure he will love it!
Leo has had a great start back after the Easter holidays completing Maths worksheets and going out on a bike ride. Well done Leo!
Harry has been creating more artwork over the Easter holidays. He heard about the TT Rockstars competition and has been online helping Kingsley to earn points! Well done Harry!
Corey has been enjoying his work at home.
This week I have done Joe Wicks PE Session every morning and it has made me feel happy and energised for the day. I have also done some pictures to put in my window for all of the key workers and NHS Staff. I have done lots of my homework sheets, cooked with my daddy and played in the garden with my brothers. I have had a great week. Poppie x

A little poem from Amelia!


Harry has been working hard doing lots of activities at home including reading, spellings and the home pack worksheets. He has been doing the Joe Wicks PE sessions on a morning and even getting his daily mile in by going out walking with his dog! Well done Harry, Keep up the great work!

Harry has been working really hard on his spellings and is enjoying his Maths challenges. Well done, Harry!
Harry has created a lovely rainbow picture and been working on his handwriting, keep up the good work Harry!
Leo has been working hard on his homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently) once he had found out the meanings he then used the words correctly in sentences. Well done Leo, keep up the good work!
Tyler has been carrying out lots of different activities including reading, spellings, maths and PE. Well done Tyler you are working hard. Keep up the great work!
Jessica has been working hard on her reading comprehension tasks, Well done Jessica!

Elizabeth has been carrying out lots of different activities so far including Maths, Spellings, PE and Science! The Galaxy jars look amazing when all lit up! Keep up the great work! Elizabeth has been baking flapjacks, reading the and measuring out the ingredients. They look delicious. Yum! 


Viv has been doing lots of literacy work at home, in her paragraph and verb work she used some excellent sentence starts and word choices! Viv has also started a diary of her experience throughout our time off school so far. Keep up the great work!
Elena has been doing lots of different activities so far including – Maths, indoor and outdoor PE, learning how to say Hello in different languages and Art. It's great to see you working hard Elena, keep it up!
Lewis has been working hard on the Maths sheets that were sent home. Keep up the great work Lewis!
Tristen has been working hard finding out facts and information about different dinosaurs! Well done Tristen, keep up the good work!
Look at what Amelia has been getting up to this week... We love her window decorations and nice to see her smiling!  You've brightened our day :-) Keep the photos coming year 3!
Year 3...

Come and see the amazing work we have been doing in Year 3!

As part of our getting on and falling out topic, we looked at a series of scenarios in which we had to decide whether the character in each was a victim of bullying. Once we had decided we had to come up with a list of reasons as to why we thought they were or weren't. We then fed our ideas back to the class and compared thoughts.

For our introduction to measures, we looked at the different measurements on the ruler (mm & cm). We then had a selection of objects on our table and in small groups took turns measuring each item. As a class we then fed back the results we had got. We compared and discussed any differences between measurements for the same object. 

We had great fun making stockings in our Design and Technology lessons. We came up with a design criteria, made prototypes to test what material would be best to hold together our stocking - we decided on sewing, then drew our stocking design before finally making our own! We tried really hard with the needle and thread to make our stockings look as neat as possible before finishing off with drawings and glitter. Look how fab they are! 
We investigated and classified different types of rocks in Science. We had a list of criteria we assessed against including - lustre, hardness, colour, crystals or no crystals to name some. We then split them into 2 different groups depending on how we had chosen to classify them. It was really interesting seeing all the different types of rocks and inspecting them! 
In Science we have been investigating rocks. We looked at lots of different types and examined them with a hand lens. We asked questions and began to look at ways to answer them. We sorted and classified our rocks by their appearance too!
In DT, we made stockings for Christmas. Some of us made stockings for ourselves and some made one for others. We thought about the purpose of our stockings, for example, would they be a small decoration or to hold presents? This helped us to decide on the size of our stockings. We found it tricky at times but we worked really hard!
In Science, we have been learning about healthy diets. We have been looking at all the different nutrients, which foods they can be found in and why our body needs them. We played a matching game to consolidate our learning.
In gymnastics we have been practising leaps and balances.

Still image for this video
To begin our new Maths topic on Length we had a practical lesson of using a ruler to measure in centimetres and millimetres. Each table had the same objects and wrote down the measurements of each object. We then fed back to the class and compared our results. 
We have really enjoyed designing and making our own Christmas stockings. We went through the design process of making prototypes and testing the strength of different materials that held them together, looked at the design criteria we needed and then designed our own stockings. We decided that sewing would be the strongest and most attractive way to hold the felt together. We then finished them off by drawing pictures and adding sparkle and glitter to them!
Year 3 love our reading time on a Friday morning. The whole class, including adults, stop everything and all make ourselves comfy and read. We can choose where we sit - on the floor, at tables, on cushions or beanbags! Some of us bring in our own books from home whilst others choose to explore the bookshelves in the classroom!
Year 3's topic is Volcanoes. In Art we each drew a volcano design, we then got into groups and looked at each others designs to decide what would be the best shape and colours to use when we made our sculpture. Over the course of a few weeks we had been collecting recycled materials - plastics bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers.  When we came to making our sculptures we chose which materials we wanted to use and attached them to a cardboard base. Once we were happy with our shape we used modrock to cover the materials. After it hardened we then painted it. Look how great they look!
Y3 really enjoyed taking part in our Times Tables Rockstar launch day. We dressed up as rockstars and 'rocked out' in the hall. We then got to spend time in the ICT suite practising our times tables on Times Table Rockstars.  We are really enjoying playing and learning on it, we like having 'battles' with other classes. 
We have been looking at 2 and 3 digit numbers to work out 10 more/less and 100 more/less than a given number. We looked at ways we could partition a number to help us, different patterns we could spot when numbers changed and whether the same column - either hundreds, tens or ones changed each time we added 10/100. 

For our plants experiment we decided to investigate:

1. Does the amount of water effect a plants growth? 

2. Do plants need sunlight to grow? 

3. Do plants need soil to grow? 

To investigate the first question we planted some seeds in a cup with soil. We gave one plant no water, one 10ml of water, one 20ml of water and the last cup 30ml of water. 

For the second experiment we planted seeds in cups, watered them and placed one on the windowsill in sunlight and one in a box in the cupboard.

For the final question we planted seeds in soil, in an empty cup and in a cup with tissue. 

We will measure the plants every 2 days to see how they grow and record them in a results table to analyse at the end of the experiment.

Our first Science topic is plants. We are planning on doing an experiment and initially needed to raise some questions to help us figure out what to investigate and what we would like to find out about plants. We used the stem question cards to help us think of different question starts. Some of the questions we came up with were:


Dean: How do plants grow? 


Viv: Do big seeds grow into big plants? 


Harry S: Could seeds grow in sand?


Harry W: What would happen if you planted a lot of seeds in the same place?

We have been learning tennis skills. We practised throwing and catching a tennis ball, throwing the tennis ball to a target and racquet skills. We balanced the tennis ball on the racquet and at first tried walking with it keeping the ball in position, we then tried to speed up to see if we could still keep the ball in place. After this we bounced the ball with the racquet. It proved quite tricky keeping it under control! 
In year 3 we have been using atlases to find European countries, their capital cities and what their flags look like.
In year 3 we have been making volcano sculptures out of junk modelling materials. We are very proud of  our volcanoes and had a great time making them. 
We have been learning about what seeds need to grow. We think that they need sunlight, soil and water.  We set up 3 investigations to test this out. We also planted some other seeds to answer some of the other questions we had about how seeds grow into plants. We know that we need to keep our investigations fair and this means only changing one thing. We carefully set up our investigations and have been watching and waiting for our plants to grow. The children were very shocked and intrigued by the results. Even the seeds that we didn't water grew! The children were able to ask further questions and have a theory; why not ask them?
In P.E we have been learning how to improve balance and control with a tennis racket and ball. 
We learned the importance of teamwork and communication skills when working on our cooperation jigsaws. All of of puzzles were mixed and we had lots of each other's pieces. We had to work as a team and were only allowed 2 minutes to discuss strategies before we had to solve our puzzles. We found it a bit tricky but got there in the end. Here are some photos of us completing of silent task...
If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.