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Year 4

Sports Day!

We have a fantastic time for Sports Day! We spent a lovely morning trying lots of different activities and the children all showed excellent sportsmanship. 

Sports Day- Mrs Warwick's Class

Digestive System

In Science, we have been learning all about teeth and the digestive system. Together we looked at the different parts of our body and labelled them.

Digestive System

It's All Greek To Me!

We have been learning this song to go along with our topic and to learn all of the things the Greeks left us.

Year 4 Skipping!

We love skipping in Year 4 and as the weather has got nicer we have been able to get outside more to enjoy skipping. We skip independently but a favourite is always the long skipping rope.  


Greek Instruments

We have researched and made our own instruments inspired by the Ancient Greeks. You can see a few examples below. 

Greek Instruments

Our fantastic Greek Powerpoints!

Percy Jackson

This term, we have been reading 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief' which we have really enjoyed. We are currently half way through the book and we are hoping to watch the films at the end of the term. Letters will be coming home with more details about this. 

Hi everyone, 

Please be aware that Spring Term home learning will be taking place via Google Classrooms. Your logins are inside your home learning packs and if you have any problems please contact school on the email address below or via telephone.


Extra tasks can be found in the recommended essential and non-essential tasks folders below. 

Amelia came up with a fabulous song to remind people to stay safe!

Amelia's song

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Eve has been doing some brilliant research about the Ancient Greeks and has drawn a lovely ancient Greek vase.
Logan has been working very hard and has completed lots of Maths, done some reading and drawn his own body and then labelled it in excellent detail. He even managed to add the colour of his hair to his labelling. Merveilleux! 

Aisyah has been doing some great work at home working on Emoji Code breakers.

She also celebrated Eid with her family. This is the celebration of end the holy month of Ramadan. She received gifts, spoke to her family via video and had some lovely food to eat.

Adam has been working so hard while we have been in lock down. He has done some fabulous work and even done extra activities that he shared with us too. He definitely deserves his gold sticker from Mrs Darby! Well done!
Ben has designed a workout video and thought about all of the muscle groups that you need to keep active. Are you willing to have a go?  

Ben's Workout!

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Ashton had an Eggsellent time completing the Egg Drop Challenge.

He said, "After some thinking of what I could use I decided to go with something similar to a hot air balloon.  I used a carrier bag to catch the air and dad's poached egg pot as a basket and layered the basket with paper towel.  When I dropped it out of the window my arms weren't long enough and got caught half way down.  We all found this funny.  Dad has longer arms so he dropped it from the window while I waited in the garden.  My egg did not crack."

First Attempt

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Logan has been pursuing his own interests while he has been at home and has shared an amazing PowerPoint with us to show us everything he has learned about lots of different animals. He still hasn't finished either. I can't wait to see what he researches and learns about next!



There is a shocking surprise included.

Logan's Animal Facts

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Harriett and her brothers have been having a fabulous time at home exploring different mathematical ideas. they have been measuring each other with blocks, making estimates and then dividing their blocks to learn about fractions. Finally they built a structure, estimated them again and sorted the blocks as they dismantled it. 

Well done guys it looks like you had lots of fun and learnt lots in the process!

Plant Update from Nathan and Ava:


They have re-potted their plants in the greenhouse and they are all growing fabulously. 

Well done guys they are growing so quickly you must be doing an awesome job of looking after them.

Ben thought carefully about the Odd One Out activity and decided on bat after a lot of thought and research. 

Ben's Odd One Out

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Adam has finished his Greek vase. I am sure you will agree that it is AWESOME! Well done. 

He has also been thinking of inventive ways to practise his spellings. This week he used stamps!

Faye has been working very hard while school has been closed. She has used pens as a unit of measurement, designed her own Greek vase and completed lots of other activities. 
Logan thought carefully about the 'Odd One Out' task last week and came up with a PowerPoint that explained his answer. He used some amazing facts and pictures to add extra detail to his answer. Well done Logan this is amazing!

Logan's Odd One Out

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Nathan and his sister Ava have been hard at work this weekend building a greenhouse for the plants they have been growing. Look at the pictures below to see the different stages of development. A fabulous structure guys well done!
Ben collected some amazing information about the Olympic Games and used the computer to present it in a really clear way. Click on the document below to see his facts.

Nathan and his sister became archaeologists for the day.

They worked very hard with lots of different tools to find the 11 bones that were hidden in the block. 


Well done guys this looks like it was so fun!

Isobelle has had a fabulous time exploring some science experiments. She created 'Elephant Toothpaste'. Check out the video below to see the results. 

Well done Isobelle this is so cool!

Elephant toothpaste

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Amelia has completed a fabulous family tree that shows everyone in her family up to her great grandparents!
Ashton and his Dad found some amazing facts about the Greek gods and goddesses.
Matthew has drawn and painted a picture of the mythical creature the Minotaur. He has described some of it's features too. 
Ava has designed a poster to remind us  of the measures we have had to put in place during this time and she has a lovely message to share with us too. 
Benjamin has been working so hard from home since the school has been closed and Miss Pratt, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Darby are so proud of him. He received a special message through the post to remind him of how proud we are. Keep up the hard work Ben you are doing amazingly!
Adam has decided not to just design a Greek vase. He has started to paper mache his own Greek vase. We can't wait to see the finished article!
Megan and Tori have used some excellent patterns on their Greek vases. Megan used a very detailed face as the main body of her vase with some excellent sketching lines and Tori used some fabulous repeated patterns using different pressure with her pencil to create faint lines. Well done girls!
Ava collected lots of information about May day and then created her own PowerPoint. Well done Ava!

May day

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Lee has found out some great facts about Greece such as its location, population and traditional foods. 


Facts about Greece.


The capital of Greece is Athens.



Greece is in the continent Europe.



The population in Greece is only 10.72 million.





Greece use euros as THEIR currency.



The most popular dessert in Greece is galakdobourko. THIS is kind of like shortBREAD but just a little less sugar.



the country’s that Greece boarder are Bulgaria, Alberia and turkey.



the most popular food is taramasalata. Taramasalata is like pizza but with no crust.



Greece do not have a king or queen.if a country has no king or queen it is called a republic



Greece is surrounded by the lonion sea, the aegean sea and the mediterranean sea.




Ava has drawn a beautiful Greek vase using the colours traditional colours which makes it look very authentic. 

Annie has been researching Greece and found out some facts about where Greece is. She has also been measuring her living room using her slippers!

Click on the document below to see her amazing Greek research!


Matthew A has been measuring items around his home. He used his PlayStation games to measure himself. Matthew A has designed a Greek vase based on the mythical character Medusa. He has written a setting description to go alongside this and has included some brilliant expanded noun phrases.
Connor has designed a great Greek vase with a mythical creature.
Ruby has designed a lovely Greek vase.
Coby has designed a lovely Greek vase.
Ben has been really busy this week. He has completed some Greek Pottery research, designed his own Greek vase and completed the measuring activity for Maths. He even measured his dog Zak who was 9 dominoes long!

Greek Pottery by Benjamin

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Ava created a fabulous Family Tree. What a creative way to present your family!

Some amazing research and information collected here by Izzi. Well done!





By Izzi


In Greece there are three volcanoes, the first is Kos Elevation(m) 430 (ft) 1411 and the last eruption Pleistocene. Most of the volcanoes in Greece and the Greek islands are extinct, still some are active.

Greece is in South eastern Europe. It is part of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian Seas and has thousands of islands.

The capital of Greece is Athens. The official language of Greece is Greek.

Greece is boarded by Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. It has lots of islands such as Corfu, Rhodes and Cyprus! I have been to Rhodes on holiday it is very small, hot has a nice beach and my hotel had a waterpark.




1st May


By Izzi

May day was a holiday to celebrate Spring and the beginning of Summer. Workers get the day off to celebrate May day. It is usually on the 1st or closest Monday to the 1st of May. This year it is celebrated on the Friday the 8th May to conclude with the 75th Anniversary of V.E day. Things you can traditionally do on May day are making flower crowns and bracelets, enjoy a picnic of a bonfire!

Daniel has been making the most of the sunshine and has been reading to his younger brothers and sister in the garden.
Ben was challenged by his football coach to kick a football into a wheelie bin from 10ft away. He has been working extremely hard to meet this challenge. 

Ben's football challenge

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Amelia and her sisters had an amazing time getting some exercise in over Easter!

Adam completed his Literacy task and thought carefully about which myth or legend he enjoyed the most. He chose Finn MacCool and the Giant's causeway but his Mam preferred the Mummy story. He even included a picture to show us what is left of the causeway.



My favourite legend.


My favourite legend was the story of Finn MacCool and the Giants causeway because it had giants in it. I liked Finn MacCool because he hid in the bathtub and dressed as a baby.

I don’t think it is real as there is no evidence of giants living. Big skulls and big bodies have not been found.

Logan has created a Covid 19 Time Capsule and it has some excellent ideas in here to help him remember how he felt, what he did and how he passed the time during this strange situation we are all experiencing.

Isobelle has been working so hard while she has been at home. After looking at the myths and legends website for her Literacy task, she decided that her favourite Myth was Medusa the Gorgon. She gave a brief outline of what happens in the myth and explained why she liked it so much. Her favourite part is the most gruesome - when Perseus chops off Medusa's head. 


She has even had time to do her French work, design a healthy day of meals for her family and paint a rainbow on her window! You have clearly been very busy Isobelle well done!

Logan has had a fabulous time over Easter and even found time to do a few of our home learning tasks. He used some excellent vocabulary in his Narnia setting and designed a lovely front cover for the same story. 
Ruby and Millie (with a little extra help) have been making some amazing videos to remind you to wash your hands and to stay safe when out and about. Their front window looks absolutely amazing. Check out the videos they created below. 

Front Window Decorations

Still image for this video

Wash your hands

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Coby has been working hard on his home learning pack and played lots of football over the past 2 weeks. 
Ashton has been working really hard while the school is closed. He has completed lots of the home learning pack and has gotten lots of exercise playing football with his brother.   
Nathan has been doing some amazing practical maths lessons!
Annie has been creating some very detailed Power Points and has shared them with us in school. Look at how well presented her Solar System Power Point is!

Annie's information on the solar system

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Adam has written an amazing setting for Narnia. Have a look at the language he has used and see if you can spot his simile. 


There was snow across the land as far as the eye could see. The snow looked like puffy marshmerlos that fell from the dark sky. The snowflacs danced around the cracked lampost like a tornado. The wind blew the snowflacs which covered the majestic lampost that stood tall and mighty. The lampost was frozen in time.

In the distans the frozen ice castle looked like it was about to shater into a million pieces of icey glass. The gloomy smoke from the castle made the sky disgusting and the smell coloured the air gray. Near the lampost, the sky looked like a celing that had been painted with glowing, glittering diamands and it made the sun look like it was made of ice.

The woodland was so cold that your breath would instantlee freeze in the air and would fall to the grond like the Titanic sinking in the frosty depths of the Atlantic.

The welcomeing trees smelled like peppermint candy canes. The regal trees were hevey with thick fluffy snow that glistend and sparckld. The jowcy snow on the grond, crackld, popped and melted under foot.

Lucy wondered what this magical land was.  


By Adam Crone


Matthew has been learning about how stars are made and he has made some beautiful galaxy jars with his family.
Joseph has been taking part in Joe Wicks P.E class at home and has been doing lots of fun activities such as baking. 
Aisyah has been completing lots of work at home on Literacy, Maths and Reading. Well done Aisyah!
Logan has been doing lots of different activities during our first week of closure.
Faye has been working really hard on her Home Learning pack!
Year 4 ...
In Science, we have been exploring solids, liquids and gases. We have completed our own investigations to explore what happens when we add heat and when we take heat away. We wanted to know if all liquids evaporated at the same rate so we tested some different liquids and left them in the window to evaporate. 
We had such a fun time acting out our word problems in Maths to practically share and group numbers when learning about division. Here we are putting each other into roller coaster carts. 
In Year 4 we recognise the importance of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. We have all completed a course of mindfulness that helped us get in touch with our own minds, bodies and emotions. It was very relaxing and calming and now we know when to take 3 mindful breaths to centre ourselves. We especially enjoyed the floor practises. 
We have been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and have presented the facts we have found in a number of exciting ways. 

Adam was so excited about our Roman topic that he has spent weeks at home creating his own Roman PowerPoint. He has taught us all some new names and facts and we can't wait to use this fabulous work in our lessons! Well done Adam this is AWESOME!


Adam's Amazing Roman PowerPoint

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In PE, we have had a blast trying out some new skips before we start thinking about the year 4 skipping tournament next April. We always make sure to stretch out our muscles first.
We have had an absolutely amazing start to Year 4 this year! We have especially enjoyed reading during our Friday reading time. There has been a lot of awesome conversations about the books we have been reading and the extra time each week is really letting us share our love of books with each other. 
If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.