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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 


Mrs Warwick and Mr Simpson

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This is checked regularly however, if you need to speak to a member of staff as a matter of urgency, please either speak to a member of the leadership team on the gate on a morning or ring the school office.

If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

As part of our PE curriculum, the children in year 4 go swimming every week. We go on a Friday morning so remember those swimming kits!

In DT, we have been looking at food and nutrition. We have been tasting different pizzas and ingredients before designing and making our own healthy pizzas. We really enjoyed making the pizzas and loved eating them even more!

Making Pizzas!

Practicing our kneading skills

Still image for this video

In Science, we have been learning about electricity. We have looked at main and battery-powered appliances, how electricity gets into our homes and how it moves. Once we had developed this understanding, we made circuits and tested if a range of materials were conductors or insulators. 


Christmas Disco

We had a wonderful time at our Christmas disco where we played games and showed off our dance moves!

Mrs Warwick's Literacy Group- Diaries

Mrs Warwick's Literacy group are currently focusing on diary writing. We have been exploring different examples and identifying text features as well as looking at the use of language. In particular, we have been looking at informal language and the writing features this includes.  

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about why Remembrance Day is a significant day on our calendar and why it is important to remember the sacrifices of others. We made beautiful red poppies to decorate our classrooms. 

TTRS Challenge Part 2!

Another Times Tables Rockstars challenge with even more participation this time!

Keep up the hard work!

Labelling in French!

In French, the children have been learning about different body parts. They drew a person and labeled them using the correct terminology. 

Spooky Reading!

Mrs Robinson set a challenge for the children to send some pictures of them reading in spooky places over half term. Well done to these children for completing their spooky challenge!

Times Table Superstars

Before half term, the children were given the challenge to complete 20 minutes, over the course of a week, on Times Table Rockstars at home. These children completed the challenge and some went above and beyond and did extra! Well done to these superstars, get ready for the next challenge...

We work hard to improve our spelling and have a range of different strategies we use to learn our spelling rules. The children are given times to practise during the day and in Literacy lessons as well as the practise they do at home. In the pictures below, our children working together to use some of our strategies such as testing each other, jumbling letters and playing hangman. 


See what we got up to in the academic year


Multiplication Check-

Our average score was 21.4

The national average;

For all pupils- 19.8

State-funded mainstream 19.8

The North East 19.7

Hartlepool 20.6

Well done Year 4!


World Book Day- Mrs Warwick's class

World Book Day- Mr Simpson's class

We explored a range of books for World Book Day! We discussed how the blurb and front cover of a book can make us want to read the book. After looking at the books carefully, we chose a book to read. 

After finding a book, we made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed reading either on our own or reading with our friends. 

Reading on World Book Day

During Spring term, we are looking at food in French. We have been matching the French and English words and using dictionaries to help us understand new vocabulary. 

French Food

PE- Gymnastics


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Jumping in Gymnastics

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Jumping in Gymnastics

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In Maths, we are learning about division. As a starter, we have been partitioning numbers in different ways to help our understanding of sharing numbers and develop our number fluency. 

Partitioning Numbers

We had a fabulous time!

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Local History Week

We focused on the WW1 bombardment of Hartlepool. We thought about the impact on everyday life, we explored maps and aerial images of where the attacks took place and listened to some moving eye-witness accounts. 

Local History Week

Our beautiful art work showing the devastation of the Hartlepool Bombardment.

Times tables are such an important part of Maths and we have been working hard to improve our knowledge and speed in Year 4. We have regular TTRS battles so keep checking to take part and win for your class!

Times Table Rockstars!

Narnia- Setting Description

Without a sound, the inquisitive girl pulled the sheet to an enormous, chocolate coloured wardrobe. As she tiptoed in further, her feet started to freeze and the soft, warm coats became thorny branches. When Lucy turned around, she saw millions of dark, cedar trees covered ion soft, crunchy snow. 

Finn. G.

Narnia- Setting Description

Looking into a giant forest, her eyes opened as she stared at a new place with a white blanket of snow. The snowflakes danced through the cold air while the gentle air went through the trees. Breathing deeply, the little girl smelt the pine trees and it reminded her of Christmas. 

Lana. W.

Narnia- Setting Description

In a dark corner of the giant room there was an ancient wardrobe coated with thin dust. Cautiously tiptoeing closer, Lucy rapidly opened the mahogany door. As the tall door gave a loud screech, three white, large moth balls dropped out of the space.

Spencer. N.

This Spring term, our Literacy focus is the novel 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We have been very excited to learn about the wonderful world of Narnia. We are going to be using this for our writing so keep an eye on our page to see our fantastic work.  

We have created and decorated acrostic poems for Christmas. We have pictures of some lovely examples below.

Christmas Acrostic Poems

In PE, we explored Basketball for the first time. The children loved learning how to shoot, perform a Chest Pass and take possession from an opponent. 

All about the Romans Display

Rotten Romans Display!

Science Day Experiment.

In Literacy, we have been exploring the wonderful world of Harry Potter! We have read extracts from the books, watched clips from the films and used this to inspire our writing. Below there are pictures of our display and some examples of our writing. 

Harry Potter

Times Table Rockstars!

Still image for this video
We are working hard in year 4 to learn our times tables to get ready for the times table check at the end of the academic year. We time our answers and listen to music while we learn.

How do you hear sounds?

Sports Day!

We have a fantastic time for Sports Day! We spent a lovely morning trying lots of different activities and the children all showed excellent sportsmanship. 

Sports Day- Mrs Warwick's Class

Digestive System

In Science, we have been learning all about teeth and the digestive system. Together we looked at the different parts of our body and labelled them.

Digestive System

It's All Greek To Me!

We have been learning this song to go along with our topic and to learn all of the things the Greeks left us.

Year 4 Skipping!

We love skipping in Year 4 and as the weather has got nicer we have been able to get outside more to enjoy skipping. We skip independently but a favourite is always the long skipping rope.  

Greek Instruments

We have researched and made our own instruments inspired by the Ancient Greeks. You can see a few examples below. 

Greek Instruments

Our fantastic Greek Powerpoints!

If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.