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Miss Santos and Mr Fear 

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have been producing!

In Music, we have been exploring how objects in space can be represented by musical instruments. We have been using ChromeMusiclab to create our own space songs.

Check out some of our children's work by using the QR codes below.

Art - Oil Pastel Monsoon

In Art, we have been looking at lots of different techniques to use with oil pastels. Some of these are scrumbling, sgraffito, stippling and pressure blend. Using these techniques, we have been creating our backgrounds for our Monsoon images. Stay tuned for the final pieces!

Blue Monday

We have been wearing it bright in support for raising awareness of Blue Monday.

Science - Space

To kick start our space topic in science, the children worked together to note down all of the facts and information they knew already about space to create their own 'Big Picture'.


Well done to Mr Fear's class on winning the attendance trophy. Just in time for Christmas time as well! Lets keep it up!

For our DT project, we have been exploring different types of bridges. The children then choose a particular design to replicate using lots of different materials and we tested these to see how much weight they could hold. They held a pretty decent amount of weight! Well done Year 5!

See what we got up to in the academic year


We have been exploring forces in Science. We looked at the relationship between mass (measured in grams) and gravitational force (measured in newtons) using scales and force meters. 

During STEM week, we had a blast designing and making a crane with a pulley system on a Mars Rover. We worked hard within our teams and demonstrated some amazing collaboration skills. We also met a control systems engineer called Andy and we asked some very well thought out questions.

Year 5 had a fabulous day at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. It was an excellent day and we explored lots of thing about space. Some of us even had a go on a replica of a toilet that astronauts use on the International Space Station.

In Mental Health Week, we took charge of our own learning and were open and honest about how tricky our tasks were. We used an answer station to mark our own work and then 3 colour coded cards to decide whether we coped well, struggled a little or needed more help with a task. 


We also had an awesome afternoon outside playing games where we didn't keep score. We enjoyed cheering for our team mates and even widen our friendship circles as we were mixed with children we wouldn't normally choose to work with. 

In DT we have been exploring Cooking and Nutrition.

We have had an amazing time trying out Thai foods. Miss Pratt and Miss Santos were so proud of us because everyone tried at least one thing! We explored the flavours or different starters, meals and sides and then designed our own recipe. Finally, we used these recipes to make our own Thai foods and even took some of it home to let our family try. They were delicious. 

Trying Thai Food

Making our delicious Thai foods!

Safer Internet Day, on February the 8th, was a day that we talked a lot about gaming online and how we build and maintain respectful relationships. It was really interesting talking with each other about what games we played and how we created an accurate, positive and kind representation of ourselves. Have a look at our work below to see some of the examples we gave. 

In our Music lessons, we have been using our Science topic of Space as inspiration. We listened to 'sounds of space' and created a mind-map of different sounds that we thought we may hear in space. We watched videos on different instruments and added to our mind-maps which instruments may make sounds like those we would hear in space. We have thoroughly enjoyed making our own music using digital technologies. 

Local History week was the week beginning the 10th January. We spent this week learning more about Hartlepool. Year 5 found out some amazing facts about being a steelworker and why it was an important industry to Hartlepool. 

  • We looked at old maps of Hartlepool to see how the town has changed over time since 1913.
  • We analysed a poem about the Steelworks in Seaton and used our inference skills to see what we were able to learn from the poem about how life was as a steelworker.
  • We explored different sketching techniques to create our own industrial landscape.
  • We found it really interesting to listen to an audio clip of someone talking about their time as a Steely. We learned lots of things that we didn’t know before and then discussed in class the pros and cons of being a Steely.


Have a look below at our awesome work!

We have been very interested in exploring other religions this year and have looked in detail at Islam. We looked at what Muslims believe, the story of Mohammed and why mosques are such an important part of the religion. We also looked at their holy land of Makkah (Mecca) and used our geographic knowledge to locate it using a list of clues and a world map. We are so proud of our work! 

We read a story called the Fourth Son as part of our PSHE lessons. In the story, it told of a family who each got given a specific skill. One of the boys was given the skill of 'good learner'. We discussed what this skill meant and how the skill could be transferable throughout different situations and different parts of our lives. 

In Design Technology, we have been working on designing and building bridges to cross the river Nile. We looked at different types of bridges and decided which was best. We then worked on building a scale model to allow pedestrians to cross the water. 

Bonjour! In our French lessons, we have been learning about the weather and body parts. We used French dictionaries to look up different adjectives to describe our body parts and put them into sentences.

We have been honing our Digital Literacy skills using the little laptops. We had written some wonderful reports based on our new class book, Northern Lights, and were typing them up to make our edits as a final draft. It was really exciting getting the laptops out and all working on them at the same time!

In Computing, we have been exploring the impact of too much screen time on our mental health. Having a limit to the amount of time you spend on line is a good thing, especially for children. 

In Art, we looked at different Egyptian Gods. We then designed our own, drew it on sugar paper and used colours that Ancient Egyptians used - Red, yellow, blue, green, white and black, to paint them. We surrounded our gods with hieroglyphs that spelt out either their name or what they were the god of.  We really enjoyed working with paints and bringing our ideas to life! 

In Literacy, we have been exploring the text "A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning". We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story, writing letters, analysing the characters and even coming up with our own ending. Have a look at some of the work we have produced. 

We have produced some spectacular work in Year 5 recently. Have a look at our Egyptian work on display. 

This year, World Science Day's topic was 'Building Climate Ready Communities'. Year 5 looked at Climate change and the impact it had on the world's weather. We watched videos about storms in England and read newspaper articles about freak weather events around the world that could possibly be due to climate change. From this we created our own posters to show what we had learned. 

Year 5 have had a fantastic time in PE learning how to play dodgeball. We have worked on different types of throws, how to manoeuvre our bodies to avoid being hit and the rules of play. We have enjoyed versing the other Y5 class in games and playing together to learn skills. Lots of fun was had by all! Well done everyone! 

In Maths, we have been using counters to help us understand place value and to work out multiplying by tens, thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands. 

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If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.