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Year 5

Hi everyone, 

Please be aware that Spring Term home learning will be taking place via Google Classrooms. Your logins are inside your home learning packs and if you have any problems please contact school on the email address below or via telephone.


Extra tasks can be found in the recommended essential and non-essential tasks folders below. 

We have had a fabulous time in the snow. Meet Snowball the snowman.  

Harriett and her family have had a fabulous time creating their own YouTube channel and they have created a Bake Off Video.


It is awesome and we have attached it below to share with you all!

2021 lockdown family BakeOff!!

Click on the document below to check out the TTRS tournament results.
Reminder - Just a quick reminder that weekly phone calls home will no longer take place. If you would like us to call, please let us know via the year group email and we will ring as soon as we can. Usual contact via the class emails will continue. 


We came top of the rocks in the town tournament.

1st place with 137,229 points. Well done to everyone who took part! 

Click on the image below to enlarge the picture.
Olivia has been working so hard and was so proud when she received a Head Teacher's Award through the post. Well done Olivia and keep up the hard work!
Joseph has completed a range of activities for mental health awareness week. 

Here is just a couple- 

He completed a job for someone that would really help them out. 

He took some ME time and do something he enjoys.

Lacey has been making a seriously delicious looking cheesecake!


"I like to bake with my big sister Chloe. We made a milky bar cheesecake together. It was really nice.

I helped to mash the biscuits up and put the milky bar chocolate in the bowl to melt. I then put the cheese in and mixed it all together with the chocolate and then decorated it."

Billy has  a very comfortable looking favourite reading spot.  Here he is reading 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. What is you favourite place to chill and read?  What book are you reading at the moment?  What is your favourite book?
Olivia has been working really hard on her French café and made a lovely video to explain her menu.

Olivia's Menu

Still image for this video
 Nicole has made her own Vending Machine and designed a Tissue Box Hygiene Set.  Lacey has made some Paper Squishies and a Paper Squishie Dispenser!  Aren't they amazing?

Thomas has made a taste bud tingling pie! He even created a PowerPoint to help us make one of our own!

Check out the original PowerPoint underneath the video version if you want to make your own. Don't forget to let us know how it goes!

Thomas' delicious corned beef pie!

Still image for this video

With everyone celebrating VE Day, Dylan has been learning about World War 2 with his Dad. He wrote this poem to show his appreciation of those who fought in the war. Well done Dylan on your amazing knowledge and effort. 

Macie - Jay has enjoyed her 10th birthday. She celebrated by choosing a night of ‘steak and spa’. It looks like she had a fab time! 

She enjoyed creating her poster about Space. It is full of facts and very well presented. Well done Macie-Jay! 

Billy and his family celebrated VE Day. He had a street party and said it was lots of fun. 
Aaron enjoyed celebrating V.E day. He had a BBQ, baked some treats and coloured in some decorations. This is the cake Aaron and his mam made.

Whilst working on comparisons between England and Thailand, Olivia decided to make a Thai stir fry to compare the flavours. She enjoyed making it and said it was delicious!

Thomas has been completing Maths No Problem using sweets. What a good idea. He has also been baking cakes. We bet they were delicious Thomas! Well done. Keep it up! 
Olivia read her favourite book in a comfy place.

The Year 5 Team are really impressed with Charlie and how hard he is working. He is keeping very busy! We especially love the times table board and challenge cards. Well done Charlie. 

Year 5 - We have a challenge for you!

Now we know you are all busy working on the activities and packs you have been given, but let's not forget that you are all living History. In years to come, people will study the time the world stood still for Corona Virus! We believe that it is important to remember this, for one day your children (and grandchildren) will want to know all about it, so what better way than to create a time capsule? Something that can be looked back on in decades to come. Now this could be made in a small box, a journal, a container, a photo album, anything that will allow you to show what was going on at this time. Things that we may not see again such as tape in the supermarkets, rainbows in everyone's windows, dodgy haircuts, empty streets etc. We can't wait to see what you come up with - remember this isnt a task for us at school, it is a task for yourself in the future so let's have some fun with it!

Billy received a Golden Sticker and Award from Mrs Darby and is over the moon!  He has shown dedication, diligence and creativity in completing tasks over and above the requested work.  He and his family really seem to be enjoying Home Learning tasks. Well done Billy!

If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.