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Mrs Fellows and Miss Pratt

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This term, Year 6 have been learning about the different rituals of a range of religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). It has been incredibly interesting learning about the different ways people show their faith and how these rituals develop stronger bonds between those who perform the rituals. 


We have had a fabulous time exploring the different components within a simple circuit. We looked at the way energy moves around a circuit and how it is transferred from electrical energy into light, heat and sound energy. We even designed our own investigations and tested out our own hypotheses. 


In Computing, we have been learning about computer systems and how they are all linked. We have paid special attention to networks and the idea that the internet is a huge network full of networks. We have also attempted to recreate sending messages in 'packets' through our own network. It was great fun and we even managed to put our packets together to build a picture. 


During our Maze Runner work, we have been exploring the idea of the Glade. We have been outside and explored the sounds, sights and smells of the field while imagining that we were trapped in the Glade. We also used freezeframes to explore the feelings that different captives might feel when trapped inside the Glade. Our Rescue Notes have been fabulously well written from these experiences.


In Year 6, we have been designing and creating coil pots in the style of Mayan ceramics. It was quite fiddly and we had to work quickly so that the clay didn't dry out. We produced some excellent pots and our painting is fabulous. 


We had a great time trying out some Judo moves in a taster session in the hall. It was incredibly fun and some of us have even learned a few new skills that we had never done before. We now know that Judo is all about causing your opponent to lose their balance and it is about respect and control. 


We have had a great time exploring the rules and skills needed to successfully play games of handball. We have talked about how different strategies work and the different skills we need in order to successfully intercept a ball to receive possession and how to score a goal. We especially enjoyed playing games of "Fruit Pickers" to practise these new skills. 


We have been exploring secondary sources in order to learn about the Mayans. We inferred from the images and used what we could see to explain and justify our own ideas about this ancient civilisation. We then used research to confirm or alter these ideas. 

We are Crime Scene Investigators in Literacy at the minute. There has been a crime committed in the Year 4 landing and classrooms and we were brought in to investigate and help solve a possible murder. We needed to use the clues to try and work out what our new Literacy topic will be.  

We attended the first Crucial Crew event of 2023 at the Power Station this week. It was a fabulous afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed learning about different things that we can do to keep ourselves safe. We met people from the council, RNLI, Police and the Fire Brigade. 


Some of us even practised calling 999 to ring for an emergency service. 




We had an EGGcellent time in Year 6 today.  They absolutely smashed the Easter Egg competition with some fabulous ideas. Everyone in school found it so difficult to vote for their favourite.  Check out our entries below:

Our winners!


Joshua - 1st place with his Kingsley Sports.


Faith - 2nd with Miss Flan-egg-ans class.


Poppies- 3rd with Egg Sheeran and his concert in Bikini Bottom.





Safer Internet Day 

The Year 6 children discussed feeling pressurised or manipulated when playing online games. They then had a very deep and meaningful class discussion in order to come up with some good ideas about why someone might do this and what you should do if it happens to you. 


Teach the player some of your good moves so they get better at the game. Then they will be able to earn items instead of trying to steal from others. 


Why are you cyberbullying? I’m bullying someone to relieve my pressure at home and I am letting it out on people I don;t know. Maybe I should talk to someone.


Give them reassurance if they are losing or doing bad at the game. Maybe help them.


Report things they do.


Tell a trusted adult if anything happens. 


Don’t add random players.


Ask a friend for advice if you are unsure.

As well as being unkind, it will make people not want to play with you. 

Local History Week

Dusing Local History week, Year 6 explored the shipbuilding industry of Hartlepool's past. We looked at different jobs that were available when working on a shipyard and how this industry changed Hartlepool. 


We created some amazing leaflets to share our research and even explored perspective in Art to draw a ship that was built in William Gray's shipyard in Hartlepool!


We have been looking at rituals of different religions. We looked at The Eucharist (Christianity), Salah (Islam) and Pesach (Judaism). 

We explored the ceremonies involved and why these Rituals are important to each religion. Look at our wonderful summaries and answers to the question: Why do people use rituals today?

Computing and DT

The children have worked hard using Computer Aided Design software (Sketch Up) to produce some phenomenal 3D designs of different buildings to meet a brief. They created: swimming pools, tree houses, sports halls and even arenas. The children took a great deal of care and time to make sure that they produced high quality work. They reflected well and made changes each week and thought carefully when evaluating their work at the end of the project. The resilience the children showed throughout this topic was fabulous and we are all so proud. Well done guys!  

The Marvellous Mayans

We have been exploring the different aspects of Mayan life and how this has shaped the world we live in today. We looked at how their civilisation sat in history in relation to other ancient civilisations and talked about what we already knew about the Romans and Egyptians. In addition to this we explored sources and made our own predictions about artefacts we evaluated. 


We have had an amazing time looking at the different pots and other ceramics that the Mayans created. We used these pots as inspiration to design our own; they include copied Mayan symbols and some symbols that we had designed ourselves. 

After creating our own step by step instructions, we created our own  pots and decorated them with paint. Look at the pictures below to see how much fun we had and how wonderfully they turned out.


During Anti-Bullying week, we explored the terms: Bully, Victim and By-stander. We read scenarios and tried to identify people within them from the characteristics they had shown. Then we looked at different things a bully might do and ranked their severity in groups and used some amazing communication and teamwork skills. 


In Year 6, we have been having a fabulous time exploring light. We looked at how it creates shadows, how it travels, how reflections change when we look into reflective surfaces of different objects and what happens when it travels through water. 

The children came up with some excellent findings and have learned some new words: convex, concave, translucent, transparent and opaque. 

We are excited to produce some work that helps us to demonstrate our understanding of this new vocabulary. 


In Year 6, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of fun activities to help us with our reading and writing: we have played sorting games and crosswords in spelling; we learned about prepositions using bingo and drawing games; we planned out a movie trailer based on our class novel; interviewed witnesses when we worked in role as reporters; and produced newspapers based on the discovery of 'The Glade'.



We made some historical observations and carried out research to find out about the time period of our novel, Oliver Twist. We got into role as the workhouse children and were presented with our reward for our hard day's work: the 'bountiful' meal...

From role play, novel extracts and videos, we were able to create impressive word banks, where we then selected the most appropriate vocabulary for our narrative.

Online Safety

We have been discussing the importance of being respectful and responsible online. We know about how Social Media can have an impact on our lives both now and in the future. We looked at the term "Digital Tattoo" and discussed what it means to develop a positive presence when accessing different websites where might play games or talk with our "real life" friends. 


We've been using resources, pictures and other representations to explore different concepts in Maths.


We have had an amazing time learning new Rugby skills in PE. We have mastered some of the trickier skills in the sport and thoroughly enjoyed playing some games. 

See what the Year 6 children got up to in the academic year 2021- 2022

Evolution : Inheritance : Adaptation

We made many observations and carried out lots of our own research. We have also taken part in a range of experiments to understand how animals have evolved over time, how they have adapted to their environment, and how there are a range of dominant and recessive genes that are passed down through generations.

We tested our genes to see which ones we had inherited.

Can you roll your tongue?

Do you have 'hitch hiker's thumb'?

What colour are your eyes?

Do you have dimples when you smile?



We investigated the climate and environment of different biomes. Then, we were able to look at the type of animals that live there. We looked at some of the adaptations the animals have to help them survive in their habitat.


In Topic, we have been studying the Mayans. We've looked at the location and settlement, religion and rituals and the impact of the Mayan's achievements on today's society.

Local History Week

We used a range of maps to compare Hartlepool Marina from the 1800s to present. We observed some of the physical and human changes and made some justifications for these changes based on what we know about the shipbuilding industry.


Take a look at our festive sewing; we learned running stitch, back stitch and the delicate chain stitch.


In Year 6, we work hard and play harder! We really enjoy our parties and we even have fun during wet play!

Take a look at the art gallery we produced on Google Classrooms. We used markers on our pages to help us draw in proportion.

We carried out lots of research, interviewed an engineer from McLaren and took part in lots of tasks to develop our own engineering skills; we even designed our own invention!

We discovered how animals have adapted and evolved over time. We used the book 'Moth' to find out about adaptations. We then carried out experiments with different shaped 'beaks' to see how finches adapted to their surroundings!


We have had an amazing time exploring and investigating in science. In particular, we all loved experimenting with different forces. Do you like our gliders?

Our email address is:


This is checked regularly however, if you need to speak to a member of staff as a matter of urgency, please either speak to a member of the leadership team on the gate on a morning or ring the school office.

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Year 6...

We looked at tension techniques and tried to use these in our own writing.

Look at some of the vocabulary we have clarified.

Can you spot example of figurative language in our writing?

We used ‘Talk for Writing’ to plan our work. Using our pictures, we rehearsed each sentence before writing.

We summarised the description given in the text and drew a picture of the setting.

We practised identifying examples of figurative language and explored their meaning and effect on the reader.

If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.