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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 


Miss Flanagan and Miss Pratt

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In Year 6, we have been having a fabulous time exploring light. We looked at how it creates shadows, how it travels, how reflections change when we look into reflective surfaces of different objects and what happens when it travels through water. 

The children came up with some excellent findings and have learned some new words: convex, concave, translucent, transparent and opaque. 

We are excited to produce some work that helps us to demonstrate our understanding of this new vocabulary. 


In Year 6, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of fun activities to help us with our reading and writing: we have played sorting games and crosswords in spelling; we learned about prepositions using bingo and drawing games; we planned out a movie trailer based on our class novel; interviewed witnesses when we worked in role as reporters; and produced newspapers based on the discovery of 'The Glade'.



We made some historical observations and carried out research to find out about the time period of our novel, Oliver Twist. We got into role as the workhouse children and were presented with our reward for our hard day's work: the 'bountiful' meal...

From role play, novel extracts and videos, we were able to create impressive word banks, where we then selected the most appropriate vocabulary for our narrative.


We've been using resources, pictures and other representations to explore concepts in Maths.


Making and testing gliders

Evolution : Inheritance : Adaptation

We made many observations and carried out lots of our own research. We have also taken part in a range of experiments to understand how animals have evolved over time, how they have adapted to their environment, and how there are a range of dominant and recessive genes that are passed down through generations.

We tested our genes to see which ones we had inherited.

Can you roll your tongue?

Do you have 'hitch hiker's thumb'?

What colour are your eyes?

Do you have dimples when you smile?



We investigated the climate and environment of different biomes. Then, we were able to look at the type of animals that live there. We looked at some of the adaptations the animals have to help them survive in their habitat.


In Topic, we have been studying the Mayans. We've looked at the location and settlement, religion and rituals and the impact of the Mayan's achievements on today's society.

Local History Week

We used a range of maps to compare Hartlepool Marina from the 1800s to present. We observed some of the physical and human changes and made some justifications for these changes based on what we know about the shipbuilding industry.


Take a look at our festive sewing; we learned running stitch, back stitch and the delicate chain stitch.


In Year 6, we work hard and play harder! We really enjoy our parties and we even have fun during wet play!

Take a look at the art gallery we produced on Google Classrooms. We used markers on our pages to help us draw in proportion.

We carried out lots of research, interviewed an engineer from McLaren and took part in lots of tasks to develop our own engineering skills; we even designed our own invention!

We discovered how animals have adapted and evolved over time. We used the book 'Moth' to find out about adaptations. We then carried out experiments with different shaped 'beaks' to see how finches adapted to their surroundings!


We have had an amazing time exploring and investigating in science. In particular, we all loved experimenting with different forces. Do you like our gliders?

Our email address is:


This is checked regularly however, if you need to speak to a member of staff as a matter of urgency, please either speak to a member of the leadership team on the gate on a morning or ring the school office.

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The Year 6s are having a fabulous time in their bubbles!

Well done Cassidy, you have worked extremely hard to create your pop art image. It is very impressive. 

Bubble 6D

They even had a couple of water fights!

Miss Veart had a blast!

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Mr Robinson helped his bubble cool off

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They have spent time in the sun having fun and playing games!
James has been learning to cook lots of different things with his family and then creating a big family cookbook. His favourite day was when they made pizza rolls and garlic tear and share bread. 
Take a look at Lewis' tutorial. We are going to try to in the year six team. Keep them coming!

Lewis' tutorial

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We've loved seeing some of the fun you had celebrating VE Day!

Ewan sent the following clues about a river in South America:

  • It runs through Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil;
  • It runs for approximately 3030 miles;
  • It is the second longest river in South America


Can you name the river?

Miss Flanagan guessed correctly after studying an atlas for quite a while!

Ruby has also sent in some fab clues about a river in South America using some great technical vocabulary.

Can you guess which river she is describing?

  1. I'm in Columbia , Venezuela.
  2. I am 450 km / 310 miles long.
  3. My elevation is 2000m (6,600ft)
  4. The mouth of the river is Maracaibo Basin.
  5. The source of the river is the Cordillera Oriental.
  6. The average storms are 260 a year.


The photograph shows one of the storms at the source of the river. Ruby loves the colour of the lightning! What do you think?

Tom was so pleased to welcome his new puppy, Rosie to her new home. He and his sister have been very busy taking good care of her and created a piece of writing about Rosie's first few weeks at home.


This is the new member of our family. She was born on the 14th of February, which is also known as Valentine’s day, and we got Rosie on the 3rd of April and she was so petite and was nearly 8 weeks old. When we first got Rosie I was a little bit afraid that she would bite my feet and it would hurt, but then when she finally did, it didn’t hurt very much it was more kind of a tickle.



Rosie eats 4 times a day so that her stomach doesn’t stretch. Also she always has to have fresh water to drink all day long.



Rosie goes to sleep 10 o’clock at night until 7o’clock in the morning and cries for the first 5 minutes. Also she sleeps sometimes in the day.



Every time Rosie wakes up either me or my sister has to take Rosie outside for a wee or a poo.



When I play with Rosie we either play with the ball were I throw the ball then she runs and gets it and brings it back to me. We also play tug of war which is where Rosie gets one end of a rope and I get the other end and we both pull at the rope and see who wins (by getting all of the rope).



On the 24th of April Rosie got her 1st Injection and in the middle of the injection Rosie had weed all over the nurses. We can’t take her out for walks yet because she needs to have her second injection-which is in a few weeks’ time.

Cohen has been working very hard from home and has enjoyed completing some creative activities. He has designed his own species; designed an invention to help Grumpy Mr Greener; created a Mayan mask and some optical illusions and he's made his own T-shirt to show his support to the NHS. He is very proud of his work - well done, Cohen! 

Ruby researched lots of facts about Beyonce to create a mini-biography about someone who has inspired her.

She then organised them into topics and decided to display them in sections to represent different areas of her life. Ruby had great fun planning and putting this together.

As well as working extremely hard on his home learning, Brandon has been enjoying lots of other activities: he has been doing PE with Joe, completing Karate lessons, playing games with his family and baking.
William had fun making his own volcano.
'We mixed together vinegar, baking soda and red dye inside of a volcano model. It started to bubble and then erupted all over me! It was very messy but great fun!'
Emily and her brother Tyler have been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks and she has been practising her skills from football training.
Year 6...

We looked at tension techniques and tried to use these in our own writing.

Look at some of the vocabulary we have clarified.

Can you spot example of figurative language in our writing?

We used ‘Talk for Writing’ to plan our work. Using our pictures, we rehearsed each sentence before writing.

We summarised the description given in the text and drew a picture of the setting.

We practised identifying examples of figurative language and explored their meaning and effect on the reader.

We have been using different tools like counters and place value charts, to help us prove our methods and help us further understand why we use these.

During Local History Week, our Year 6 cohort carried out their own research and used a range of sources to formulate questions and have provided reasons as to how Hartlepool has developed due to the shipbuilding industry. They have formed some excellent comparisons between the past and modern day. What do you think?

The photographs we looked at

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If you require any additional information regarding our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.