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Recommended Non-Essential Tasks (29.6.20 - 17.7.20)

These are the recommended tasks until the end of summer term. If you complete all activities and require any more, please email

Task 1 Art

Create a Kingsley crown in the style of Pop Art.

Task 2 Science

Compare the way paper spinners fall. Can you set up a fair test?


Challenge: Can you change the shape / design of the paper spinner and compare how it falls?


Task 3 Music

Learn the words to The Climb by Miley Cyrus.




Task 4 DT

Make a bridge from recyclable materials that can support the weight of a cup.


Challenge: Your bridge must be at least 30cm long (the size of a school ruler).

Task 5 Music

Can you think of a song which is linked to moving on to a new journey in life?


Challenge: Edit the lyrics to a popular song to make it relate to transition to secondary school.


Task 6 PSHE

Spend fifteen minutes each day focusing on improving your concentration. Chose one task to give your undivided attention to. It could be something from this grid!

Task 7 Science

Use a range of household objects (with an adult’s permission) to investigate floating and sinking.

Task 8 PE (Dance)

Learn the dance to Blinding Lights.

Please send us your videos as we are learning it in school too!


Task 9 PE

Complete the Joe Wicks work outs and why not combine some of the exercises to create your own?

Send us an example to complete in school.

Task 10 Art / Computing

Create a video tutorial (think YouTube-style) to demonstrate how to complete a simple piece of word Pop Art.

Task 11 Computing

Create a poster / leaflet about how to be a responsible digital citizen.

Task 12 PE

Create a sports-day-style challenge that can be done with social distancing. For example:

Dribble the ball between the cones; Egg and Spoon race; Hit the Target.